Friday, July 15, 2011

{Good things come to those who wait}

So remember how I was blabbing about being a teacher? Well, I wake up to a text message from my lovely brother Mark who is a teacher. He taught second grade for a bunch of years and then a few years ago, switched to 5th grade. He went to the same school as I did for his Masters (he already had his teaching degree before he went and got his masters). Well, one of his co-workers has credits that you can sell and use towards tuition. Even if she wants $700 for them, it saves me a buttload in paying back in loans! :-D And my brother said once I have my resume tweeked, he'll look at it because he has a book of school addresses where I can send my resume. YAY! There is a GOD watching out for me! :)

Speaking of the resume, I know who I would ask for references. My cooperating teachers from my two field placements from student teaching (one of whom is my brother's friend), my field supervisor, possibly my part-time cooperating teacher and the field supervisor from that placement, my mom's friend already said she would write me one (you can have a personal reference). And probably one of my professors that I had for two semesters in grad school and worked with in regards to the tutoring program. But here is my question...On my actual resume, I have "references available upon request" at the bottom....but do I just make a page of who the references ARE & their contact information...or do I need letters?

Tonight & tomorrow are going to be loooonnnngggg days. I am working tonight 5-10 which means I'll get home anywhere between 1030 & 1045. Eat my dinner and then go to bed. Because I need to get up at the BUTT CRACK of dawn tomorrow for my CST test. It's at least 45 minutes away. My admission ticket is for 745am and I have roughly four hours to take a test. Then I drive 45 minutes home and go work 330-10. I am not a morning person by any means so this is going to be a test of my character, ha! Plus, I feel so inadequately prepared for this test but at the same time, my friend Pedro who I talked to last night, told me you really can't study for it. If I pass it, I pass it. If I don't, I learn and retake it in September.

I had a dream the other night one of my friends {not sure who} had twins! Ha ha! I have wedding and baby fever. SOMEONE needs to get engaged or have a kid. I do have one friend from grad school getting married in November but holy cow, I just want someone to have a baby. I seriously would sometimes rather browse the baby clothes at Kohl's then the section for myself! What is wrong with me?! HA HA!

And Harry Potter....I need to see it. It is the end of childhood as the people of my generation know it!

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