Monday, July 11, 2011

...rolling in the deep.....trouble

rolling in the deep...trouble. i almost typed poop pile, then realized that was inappropriate. and a ll gross.

can i just say that i hate/detest/despise growing up? seriously, it seems like adults have all the perks according to little kids. yet, that is somewhat far from reality! i mean sure, you look forward to the day you can legally drink at 21, drive a car, gamble, move out of your parent's house, etc. i have done pretty much only the first two (i don't gamble and i haven't moved out of my house...yet).

but seriously, i don't like it. i am the type of person that likes to pay my credit card bills all off in full, every month. sure, there have been some months where i'm like "crappppp, i forgot!" and then i get a late fee. boo. my "motto" has usually been i only charge it if i know i have the $$ to pay it off. i really only like to dip into my savings in emergencies. i thought i'd really be saving some $$ by living at home. and hey, it's not bad. i just wish i could live at home for free. i mean, if i only have to pay for my car insurance and my phone, that's fine. but if i had to pay for more than that, i might as well go move down south because i in no way make THAT much $$ to do so. my mom and i need to have a talk tomorrow and see if we can come to an agreement on me giving her money considered as "rent." $200 seems fine to me. $600...not so much. i might have to like win the lottery, plan a way to accrue 5820350293234543624 trillion dollars or get myself a sugar daddy, ha ha! say a prayer i can figure this all out. i know it sounds somewhat childish and STUPID to be whining about this, but i don't like owing $$ and i'm just frustrated.

and on top of that, i got a letter today saying that my student loans were granted another deferrment until 2018. i had myself a nice little laugh...since i graduated undergrad in 2009 and grad school this year. and did i apply for this? nope. i originally did when i went to grad school but i guess the schook told them i graduate in 2018. um, that's about 6.5 years away (now since we're already into july!) and i hope to have a dent in paying them off by then. maybe defer them for another year.....or two. ;)

oh! and how about that 16 lb BABY born in texas?! the mom apparently had gestational diabetes, which can result in babies being born weighing more than normal but holy cow! that's huge! it's like a toddler. i hope that none of my future children ever weigh that when they're born...quite ridiculous.

okay, time to go to bed. i know the time stamp will mess up on this but its 1232am on my computer clock and i'm wiped. i didn't go to bed until 2am this morning, got up at 730, went to zumba @ the gym, the beach and then swam and went to work. i'm WIPED.

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