Thursday, July 14, 2011

a belated WILW

I am late in linking up to the traditional Wednesday link up with Jamie. I pretty much was a bum all day in bed since I did not feel good but now I feel like I'll share what I'm loving this week.

I'm loving that Teen Mom has been back on! Call me crazy but I enjoy my "trashy" tv if you will. There's nothing like watching psycho Amber to make you got "What on Earth?" Seriously, I'm 24 and my favorite shows are Teen Mom and Toddlers and Tiaras....because they're so bad. Haha. Go ahead, make fun.

I'm loving that I went to the beach again Monday. Seriously. There's something about napping out in the sun that is so relaxing! You know what I'm also loving about this? My new sunscreen! Because I DID NOT BURN and only had to reapply it twice! Thank you Neutrogena! You are my new biffle.

I'm loving I will be meeting up with Olivia on Saturday for some D&F...drinks & fun! Ha ha. I have to get up SO EARLY on Saturday morning to go drive 45 minutes to take a 4 hour test in which it is almost impossible to study for and then got work 6.5 hours until 10pm. Needless to say, it's going to be a LONG day and I'll need it!

I'm loving that Colbie Caillat had a new album come out on Tuesday! I was in a need for new music and it sounds good so far!

I'm loving that my BFF Stephy should be coming up to New York in October for a long weekend visit! I would love it if Brett, her boyfriend, came too since he is the greatest guy ever. I just want her to book her plane ticket already!

What are you loving today?!


  1. cute blog! i agree, there is nothing like napping in the sun and i just recently saw colbie caillat on the today show and love her!!

  2. ahh the beach, my favorite place in the world. sometimes i wear sunscreen in lieu of body lotion when i'm not even at the beach because i love the smell so much. is that weird? :]

    yesterday i was loving the torrential downpours that brought some relief from the heat!

    xx sharon/lemonontherocks