Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wordy Wednesday

I have a LOT of stuff I need to accomplish. So I ask myself, Why am I such a slacker at times?! Lord knows I like to procrastinate! I wrote my first cover letter ever....and apparently it SUCKED. HAHA. My mom's friend tweeked it for me but it is still blah (aka not finished). I was convinced you were suppose to make it more generic for things like a substitute position and more specific, for an ACTUAL position (say for a middle school Spanish position). Basically, I left the public library feeling like I had something accomplished, yet frustrated at the same time.

So, I went to my brother's house to give him something and asked his opinion because he is a teacher. He called his friend that's a principal and put me on the phone. I got to talk to him for a bit and he said I can be specific. My mom's friend was having me elaborate on working with the student I tutored and all and my brother's friend said to definitely incorporate it because the more I make myself stand out, the more marketable I make myself. He even mentioned BOCES (which is something we have in NY for Education) and how I should contact them to see what it would take to get my French certification. Or even ESL. AHH!! Decisions, decisions! I think I am going to google the phone number for BOCES or e-mail address and contact them about seeing someone to speak to about this. According to both my brother and my SIL, this is the "lull" time right now for districts and most of the interviewing would be in mid-late August. Or even later. So we shall see. Keep ya fingers crossed! This girl needs all the advice & help she can get!

I can't find a happy medium with my AC! I am too hot if I turn it off, yet too cold if I turn it on. Even at the low part, I'm freezing! My legs look like they are starting to get goosebumps. Not cool at all.

I saw this on Pinterest yesterday and cracked up. I DEFINITELY caught a bunch of my students in my first student teaching placement doing this:
I also love this by Taylor Swift:

Words to live by! PS Incase I have not mentioned it yet, although I probably have 2058293203631336 times, I am SUPER excited to see Ms.T-Swift in November with Shannon! YAY! And yes, I'll be 25 by then and I will buy a shirt at the concert. Don't judge! :)

I am so glad I took an actual look at my diploma and realized I put the wrong degree on my resume. HA HA! I put a Bachelor's of Science when I got a Bachelor's of Arts. Smart move on my part. At least I did not send it out to any districts yet, hehe!

Well this has been one of the most random/odd and long posts I feel. I'm going to go work on my cover letter some I feel not as "OMG I HATE BEING AN ADULT" as I did today.

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