Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday Social - Week 4!

Welcome back everyone! Link up with Ashley & Neely for this week's Sunday social.

This week's questions:

1. What is your favorite store to shop at? - I tend to shop at the same stores...Kohl's (Every day is a sale's day at Kohls), Old Navy, Express, NY&Co. And ALL my underwear comes from Victoria's Secret.

2. If you could afford anything and everything, which designer brand would you covet?  Hmm. That is a real toughie considering I'm not a big fashion nut. Probably stuff from Prada or Chanel. 
3. Must have closet staple? Camis. I wear them for work, to sleep in, under button-down shirts sometimes. They're perfect! Flip flops. Uggs for the unbearable NY winters (my feet always freeze!) These are my favorite Uggs:

4. Favorite kind of shoes? (brand or type) I must be the only girl on the planet that HATES shoes/shoe shopping. I would rather be barefoot or in flipflops then buy fancy shoes. I guess I'd have to say Ugg shoes or anyhting with a low heel. Or ON flipflops.

5. Best clothing deal you've ever gotten? Actually, a few. I got a zip up sweatshirt from Aeropastle for $3 (originally like $50!) and a denim jacket from the Gap for $19.99 originally $79.99! 

6. Style you'd love to try?: Hats because I feel like I look stupid in them. And as silly as this seems...wedges....because I feel like they might make me feel more secure when walking in heels.

I had an awesome weekend in Atlantic City with my girls and I cannot wait to catch up on all my blogs. :)


  1. I looooove wedges! They are my fave, especially in the summer. More comfy than heels, but they still give the height & glamour. :)

  2. oh we like to shop at a lot of the same stores!