Thursday, July 26, 2012

Have a little faith.

With all of the back to school stuff that is out now, it makes me sad that I am not going back to school. Most kids dread it. I was always excited about picking out new notebooks, pens, folders, finding out who my teachers would be. Call me a nerd but I loved school.

When I applied to college, I knew exactly what I wanted to major in. What kid goes when they go off to school?! I wanted to be a Spanish teacher, specifically middle school grades if I could. It was all thanks to my wonderful middle school Spanish teacher, Mrs.Reith, who inspired me to pursue it. I specifically looked at schools with education programs. I applied to 7 schools (SUNY Brockport, SUNY Cortland, SUNY New Paltz, University of Rhode Island, University of Maryland at College Park, Siena College and Manhattanville College)...I was accepted into 6/7 and then made the tough decision of where to go. It came between Cortland (my brother's alma matter who is also a teacher) and New Paltz. I just had this feeling...somewhat indescribable...when walking on the campus. I knew it would be for me.

Fast forward to the college years. Because of my AP Spanish exam and placement exam, I was placed into a 300 level Spanish class as a freshmen. Talk about nerve wracking! I planned when I could study abroad and did it. Took all my education classes that were required. It's now Fall 2008 of my senior year and my fellow classmates  & I only found out then that in order to student teach the following semester, we had to take an over the phone interview for proficiency and a departmental assessment exam. If you didn't meet a certain level, they didn't let you student teach. Well, that happened to me. I spent more money to take classes for an extra semester (I was one credit short of graduating in the fall) to take them again in the spring. Same thing happened again. I just felt so defeated. I dropped my education major and just graduated with a Spanish degree. Talk about a blow to my confidence.

When I went to grad school, I was determined to get my Masters in education. I was not going to let my previous experience hinder achieving my goals. I started graduate school in January 2010. I took a winter session class, 3 classes in the spring, 1 in the first summer session, 4 in the fall, and then I did my student teaching. It took me a year and a half but I finally earned the degree I wanted.

And now I am on the job search. To be quite honest, I feel somewhat jealous of all the posts I keep reading on Facebook that are something along the lines of "I got my dream job!" "Offered a job in NC!" or whatever. It's awesome that these people are getting their dream jobs. But I feel as if I am at a dead end. I have applied for subbing, leave replacements, full time positions, part-time positions, anything really. I know good things come to those who wait but I really just want to eventually find my dream job. I am willing to move. I just need to have a little FAITH. FAITH in myself. FAITH that God will bless me unmeasurably with my dream job. FAITH that some district will be itching to have me as part of their staff. 

With that being said, my brother gave my email to a lady that helped him revise his resume and cover letter for jobs. He just had an interview in NYC on Wednesday and the people complimented him on his resume. This lady is a marketing/resume consultant and helps people get their jobs. There is a price with it but after discussing it with my brother and my mom (yeah I told her), I feel it is the right thing to do. If it can get me my dream job, then I will be super happy. Who knows? This time next year (or maybe even a few months), I could be making up my own materials for my own classroom.

I know my dream job will come through. I just to have faith and trust God.  

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  1. I was one of those who could not find a job in 2008 when I graduated. I subbed for a year, met my husband, got married, moved to Alaska, subbed for ANOTHER year, and then I was indeed offered my dream job. I'm starting year 3 in a couple of weeks. It WILL happen for you. It'll just be completely backwards and upside down of how you ever imagined it happening. I received so many rejections, filled out so many applications, went to so many interviews. I understand how you feel and I hope that the specific job meant just for you will come along. :)