Tuesday, July 31, 2012

{Fingers Crossed}

I am beginning to believe that God works in mysterious ways. No joke. I wrote a post last week about how you have to have a little faith when it comes to applying for jobs. Because as I had said, the job market is really tough right now no matter what profession it is. I have been applying for jobs like it is no one's business and hoping that someone would have mercy on me.

Well, my time has come! I applied for a leave replacement for a high school position that preferred Spanish/Italian dual certified but I applied anyway. This morning, I got a phone call for an interview tomorrow! It is only a preliminary interview but still....it is an interview! Aside from being super excited, I am also a nervous wreck and now have to figure out what to wear. My mom told me to go shopping after work today and try to find a suit or something so I guess it is a good thing that I work at the mall. My SIL told me some things to bring/ask on the interview so let's hope it goes well!

Even if nothing comes of this, I am just excited to finally have an interview. It'll be great practice/learning experience regardless of the outcome!


  1. Yay!! It definitely is a good experience.

    Wear a suit or at least a blazer with dress pants or pencil skirt. And I've also heard it's too to go with little-to-no perfume, and classic/neutral makeup, nails & hair. A classy statement neclace or bold color underneath a blazer is apparently ok though.

    Research the school district and the school, and have a list of questions to ask... if you would have a grade level team to work with, what expectations would you need to meet as a long-term guest teacher, etc.

    Bring a notebook or notepad and a mechanical pencil to jot down answers, as well as other questions(a nice looking notebook--not one that looks like it's left over from college, lol).

    Congrats and much luck!!! I'll be praying you get it! :)

    Live, Laugh, Love, Teach

  2. OH girl I hope you get the job you want. That is fantastic and I will keep you in my thoughts. Keep us posted how things are going!!