Monday, July 2, 2012

Miscellaneous Monday Ramblings

Today, I thought I was going to have a mini panic attack. The only debt I really have is my school loans. Let's face it, college ain't cheap (yes I know ain't isn't a word but in this case, I'm using it). Luckily, my debt from undergraduate wasn't that bad because of going to a state school. I was not so lucky for graduate school because I really only had three options of where I could apply and one was too far. I didn't get into one of my other options (a state school) so I had to go to a private school. Because of that, I am in debt up to my eye balls for school! Ugh!

And now I get to pay all my student loans back. I have been paying one for a few months now and apparently two more are now in repayment. Between the three, they expect me to pay about $800 A MONTH! I dont even make that a month at my job really! With only working 20 hours a week (because there are 4 hosts total), it's not like I can get that many more hours. I have been asked back to my tutoring job at school plus they are giving me another kid to tutor. So there'll be more money. But there is no way I am going to be able to afford $800 a month. I have to call them and get it lowered. I keep checking EVERY day for jobs to apply for but with my special education certification pending and all, I can apply for special ed jobs but they might not hire me and other Spanish jobs, NOTHING. I swear OLAS doesn't work. End venting rant.

How is it that I clean up my room and like three days later it looks like a hurricane came through it?! I really need to get up tomorrow and clean it up before I go have lunch with my friend Ashley.

I am SO SO SO happy to be off from work again til Saturday. I did not ask for the 4th of July off but I was given it off, score for me! Hopefully I'll be able to go over to my aunt's house and hang out with my cousin Lisa and Bryce, her fiance, now that they moved back home.

Last Thursday, I met my brother's new dog, Tucker. Oh my goodness, he is the cutest thing ever! He's so tiny that you can hold him. I wish he'd stay that size forever! At one point when we were all sitting on the deck, he knocked over a cup, drew himself back and started barking at it. It was so funny.

I feel so bad for one of my best friends, Olivia. Aside from her phone getting lost/stolen in Atlantic City this weekend, her dog Frankie had cancer and had surgery last week. When he came home Saturday, he was basically paralyzed from the middle of his waist down and couldn't walk. Since his chances were slim, her family decided to put him out of any misery and put him to sleep. Olivia is absolutely devastated. I feel so bad for her family because Frankie was their little guy and all her friends knew and loved him (despite his incessant barking). I've been there with my last dog, Rusty, so I know how it feels. What an awful thing to have to come home to after your first day at your new job. R.I.P Frankie, we all will miss you!

My friend Amanda also had a tough week. Her cousin was killed by a drunk driver two days after her high school graduation. The legal limit is .08 and his BAC was about four times that. The guy didn't even stop after someone yelled at him to stop driving before he killed someone. It's such a tragedy. There are so many, too many in my opinion, drunk driving accidents when someone innocent dies. And to be so young too is just tragic. They always call the time from Memorial Day-Labor Day the 100 deadliest days of summer. I can only say that we all need to be more aware. So the next time you go out, think before you drink. And if you've had too much, please call a cab or someone to take you home. I'm not trying to make this a PSA but if everyone thought before they got back into their cars after a night out, we might have a few less crashes/deaths.


  1. OMG! I am so sorry to hear about your friends. I would be lost if I had to loose one of my dogs! I can only imagine how Olivia is feeling!

    And Amanda omg that is tragic! I hope her and her family are doing ok!

  2. Have you applied for Income-Based Repayment? If your loans were federal, you can get on this repayment plan where you only have to pay like 30% of your monthly income. Your servicer should have the application forms. Good luck! Student loans seriously suck-- three years of law school at a private school means I feel your pain.

  3. Ugh, student loans suck... I'm sorry. :(

    On a positive note, I've awarded you with the Liebster Blog award! Check out my post to get it!

    Live, Laugh, Love, Teach