Sunday, July 15, 2012


Tonight, I logged into Facebook after coming home from a weird weird shift at work (more on that later) to find that facebook is now notifying me on the sidebar of when people get married. Really? FANTASTIC! Just another way to make me feel inadequate and that everyone around me is getting married/engaged/or announcing they are pregnant. I can't wait for the day when I get married.....when the time is right (which is not now).

I honestly wonder what is wrong with people sometimes in my job. Today was just either a belated weird day (since yesterday was Friday the 13th) or there was a full moon I was not aware of because people were rude, nasty, and annoying. Really. I mean, there is no reason for a lady to SCREAM at the other host on the patio about sitting at a table in the "shade" because her baby didn't have sunblock on. I understand you want to protect the skin, just don't get so nasty about it! Our restaurant is designed for an open floor to see the don't want to sit right near the kitchen and make me put you at two tables that will sit 8 total. Whatever. Does your child's American Girl doll REALLY need a booster seat for the table? I'm not kidding...someone asked me for one for their kid and I was like "What?!" People were being extremely difficult. And honestly, I could not WAIT to get out of there tonight. I am going back tomorrow night but people sometimes are not as cranky on a Sunday as a Saturday.

I wish I knew how to do my own blog design. Who here has some advice? I have Photoshop on my computer but I am not the most savvy at it. I would LOVE to come up with a blog design and spruce it up. Not that using a template is bad or anything. I just would like to be as great at it as some of the blogs I follow! Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

My sweet friend Olivia lost her Nana last night. She moved in a year ago with her family and they had a live-in-aid that helped out. They converted their downstairs kitchen nook off the garage into her room. Last week, her Nana had fallen out of bed (who knows for how long) and had hit her head. There was bleeding on her brain. :( Olivia, our friend Shannon, and I were planning on going to dinner Tuesday and when I asked her if a certain time was okay, she told me of her Nana's passing. Y'all, I am so heartbroken for her. Between her dog being paralyzed & putting him to sleep, her Nana falling and now passing, and starting her full time job, this girl has had so much thrown at her. Shannon & I both agreed to take her out for a good night sometime soon!

I should really not go on Pinterest anymore. I have so many things saved on my computer from it! Most of them are e-cards because I find them waaaaaaaayyyyy too funny. What's a post without some laughs? Here ya go!:

Um, duh! We see it because they always zoom in on the rose tray.

 Betty White is such a bad ass. I want to be like her when I am older.

You got that right!!! 

I hate when you're stuck behind someone SLOW in the fast lane.  There are times when I really wish I had this sign! 

I have told my coffee cup on a few occasions that I loved it. 

I'd like to order Channing Tatum, please!

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  1. Hahahaha, I'd love me some Channing Tatum POPS!I am so bad at blog designs--I'd love a how to class on that ish. Sorry you had such a bad night at work, chickie