Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Today, I am linking up with Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving that three weeks from tomorrow my best friend from Georgia is coming to visit!

I'm loving that my niece got her 5 year trophy for dance on Friday. Love this munchkin so much! <3

I'm loving that the Dark Knight Rises comes out next weekend. I normally don't like that type of movie (I am more of a chick-flick gal) but this looks AWESOME!

I'm loving that on Sunday it is my brother & SIL's 12 year wedding anniversary! It just seems like yesterday :)

I'm loving Bethenny Frankel's line of "Skinny Girl" products. My friend Olivia bought a bottle of it when we were in Atlantic City and I really want to try her Sangria! Plus, I also love her book "A Place of Yes" (let's face it, she was my favorite RHONY)

I'm loving these pins from Pinterest:

I'm loving that I am no longer feeling like I am going to die from student loan repayments. I called the company today that is servicing my loans and based on my options, I could either file with an unemployment agency or do an Income-Based Repayment plan. I believe the guy said it will be $0 a month until I can find a job or something. He is emailing me the forms but this makes me feel a little bit better than trying to pay $700+ a month! 

I'm loving how hot my friends and I looked when we went to Atlantic City:

I'm loving that Kourtney Kardashian had her baby girl and named her Penelope Scotland Disick (what is with the Scotland?). She is seriously my favorite Kardashian sister and Mason is so cute, I can only imagine how she'll dress Penelope! 


  1. the skinny girl cosmos are SO good!! I still want to try her sangria :)

  2. I'm loving that blue dress! Also, best friend time is the best...hope you have a fabulous time. :)

  3. love your loves! i have that blue dress!


    have a good night!