Thursday, July 5, 2012

{It's Okay Thursday!}

Happy day after the 4th! Who can believe it's Thursday? To me, it feels like a Sunday or Monday. 

Link up with Neely & Amber to tell us what is okay with you today!

It's okay....

...that I would rather spend today in bed then go out anywhere. I feel like I can't sleep lately.

...that my niece is getting her 5 year award tomorrow for dance and to be super excited for her! not know what to get your boyfriend for your anniversary. Why are men so hard to shop for?! whine that you deleted the cookies on your computer because it was going slow and then be upset you have to re-enter all the cookies. #firstworldproblems tell your coffee cup you love it. cry that you have not had one phone call/email about a possible teaching interview. I just want to work already! (remind me of this when I actually get a job and complain about it, ha!) be SUPER excited for my best friend to come visit in 1 month! Now I need to start saving to visit her! follow a lot of celebrities on twitter...and instagram. ha! #loserstatus

...want to make all the drink recipes you pin on Pinterest. have to clean your room AGAIN because you're just too lazy to maintain it once it's neat. love whoever invented air conditioning! 


  1. Happy beleated 4th of July! This is the worlds problem... buying gifts for men!! Why does it have to be so hard? Good luck, girl! :)

    I follow so many celebrities on Twitter it's not even funny! I get so embarrassed with myself, because I actually think they are my friends!! lol!! what?!

  2. feels like a super extra sleepy monday to me. i'm struggling!

    yup, i follow celebrities on IG and twitter too. Last night as I was scrolling through my friends and their family's fireworks pictures, I was like 'OH LOok!" everyone was like 'what is it?' and I said "Kim K and kanye, look how cute they are leaning agains the car?"

    yeah... total loser status over here also :)

  3. Visiting from It's Okay Thursday!! Good luck on your job hunt! I know it's frustrating!


  4. ha ha! deleting cookies & then having to enter everything in again IS a pain.

    hope you had a great 4th!

  5. I would rather invent drink recipes than real food recipes!