Monday, July 16, 2012

{Atlantic City Recap}

I don't think I ever did a recap of the girls trip from a few weeks ago to Atlantic City!

When my friends and I want to do something, we talk about it, research our options, plan it and go! I don't know what an issue is for guys to plan a getaway (because my boyfriend whined that his friends can't do it like mine can). Originally, we wanted to go to Atlantic City last summer but it just never worked out. Back in February, we had discussed the idea of going for my friend Olivia's birthday (which was 7/7). It definitely would be cheaper to go during the week because they jack up the room prices of the hotel on the weekend. But I did my research, asked my three friends what their limit was to the hotel room spending was and then booked it!

We stayed at Bally's which was nice because it was on the boardwalk and had a nice parking garage ($5 for a weekend, not bad!). My friend Shannon drove and I made us some mixed CDs for the drive. It was a variety of music from BSB, NSYNC, Britney, Spice Girls, Glee, LMFAO to Baha Men's "Who Let the Dogs Out?" I didn't tell the girls what I put on the CDs so when that one came out, they BURST out laughing! Oh it was great!

On our way, we made a stop at the Jersey Shore. Our plan was to go to the beach but it was SO hot out we could not stand it. We made a stop and saw this fabulous landmark:

Jersey Shore house! We actually saw them filming an episode. We saw Ronnie doing pull-ups! 

We grabbed a quick bite here. They have pictures of the cast up all over the wall. 

The Shore Store! This is where they all work on the show. They make it seem like it is so far away but it is LITERALLY right behind the house. I bought a shirt from here that was pressed by the owner, Danny.

Afterwards, we made our way to Bally's. Once we got all checked into the hotel, we kind of settled in, just lounged, and eventually grabbed dinner. Later, we started getting ready to go out for our first night. We ended up deciding to go to this club called Dusk. It was suppose to be $20 admission but my friend Shannon got our names on the list for $20 TOTAL for the four of us. SCORE!

Shannon & Amanda before we went out

Me with Olivia

So the club had stripper poles and I think we were a little too excited....

Their bathroom was AWESOME! I just thought it was so cool. Plus, they had a bathroom attendant.

Despite staying in bed until 4pm on Saturday due to our excessive partying, we were not going to not go out on Saturday! After a late lunch/early dinner at the Rainforest Cafe and a nap, we were ready to go on night two!

My dress from XXI that cost $12! 


 Our second night, we went to the Blue Martini in our hotel. The menu was light up.

My favorites!

We all look so hot. Plus the shoes I am wearing on my feet....I need to break them in more so I dont die wearing heels for the rest of my life! 
I am somewhat tan in this picture!

We met these really old ladies that were awesome and had to take a picture with them!

Overall, it was a great experience...despite the massive hangover I had. I would definitely like to go back and go to the beach, stay at a different hotel. There were a LOT of bachelorette parties that weekend and it got me thinking...when I get engaged down the road, I want a bachelorette party...that is not in AC. I want to go somewhere tropical! My girls and I agreed when each one of us gets married, we want each one of us to have a bachelorette party in a different location. Because that would mean more fun!


  1. I LOVE AC! I try to go a few times a year! The last time I went down was in April. I am itching to go again. Its funny because I only live a little over an hour from it you would think I would go more often but nope! Glad you had a good time!

  2. Obsessed with your blue dress! It's so bright and fun!

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  4. Looks like you girls had an awesome time!! My hubby and his buddies go away for a weekend every year. They rent a cabin about an hour away and just drink beer and play games all weekend :)

    <3 Jamie