Sunday, July 15, 2012

{Sunday Social - Week 6}

This has become one of my favorite link ups to do! I love finding other blogs of bloggers who have similar interests as I do. :) Link up with Neely & Ashley for this fun!

This week's questions:

1. Best trip you've ever been on:
I love to travel. Period. I want to see the world. There are so many places and countries I am itching to do to. That being said, it's too hard for me to pick one trip! I think it is a toss-up between my study abroad "trip" because I got to travel throughout Europe and my cruise in May 2012. :)

In Cordoba on one of our trips




During my cruise

2. Best idea for a girls' trip?:
Honestly, my friends and I can make a great girls trip out of any location! We have visited our stomping grounds of where we went to school, New Paltz, and partied up there. Recently, I went to Atlantic City for the weekend with three girlfriends and we had so much fun (despite my hangover on Saturday). I would love to make a weekend out of Vegas with the girls soon. Or a tropical destination! We even did a week at Disney the four of us below (with one guy friend) and it was awesome!

Olivia, Shannon, Amanda, and I

3. Best idea for a couples trip?
I have only gone on a trip as a couple once and it was my cruise to Grand Turk, Half Moon Cay, and Nassau Bahamas with John in May. It was awesome! There were a lot of couples on this trip (dating or engaged or married) and I think it is perfect.

4. Best vacation on the cheap?
Let's face it....traveling is not cheap. You've got to factor in airfare/transportation, lodging, food, maybe souvenirs.With that being said, I'd do anywhere with a beach.

5. Place you most want to visit?
My list for this is SO long! I simply cannot choose!

I am dying to go to Paris, France. It was one spot when I was studying abroad that I did not get to go to:

I also want to go to Italy! Another country I didn't get to go to. I'd love to go to Rome, Florence, Naples.


6. Vacation/travel necessities? 
It takes me forever to pack when I am going on a vacation. Some must have items are:
~ear plugs (I have shared a room with a couple of people who snore and if it wakes me up from sleep, I have a heck of a time to get back to bed!)
~comfortable walking shoes
~band-aids for any blisters
~ sunblock if you're going to a tropical location (they jack up the prices if you forgot it!)
~plastic bag to put dirty clothes in
~Tide-to-Go pen to get out any stains
~back up photo ID (my friend was visiting me from Georgia last fall and during her visit, her license went missing. Luckily, she had an old student ID that they allowed her to use to board!)
~Battery Charger for camera/extra battery
~Gum (I need to chew it for take off/landing on an airplane)
~TONS OF CLOTHES (I need options!)

This Jenna Marbles video explains how packing occurs for a girl for vacations. Don't tell me you haven't done this! 


  1. I'm pretty much jelly of all of your trips! And Greece is on my to-go list too

  2. Traveling through out Europe is a huge dream of mine, so jealous! I haven't made it to that hemisphere yet but soon I hope! I also would LOVE to do a girls wkd in Vegas but it's literally on the other side of the continent for us so it would be a bit pricey but hopefuly someday! :)

    awesome answers!

  3. Paris (and France in general) is gorgeous. I would even love to live there. If I didn't live in Alaska, I would probably visit France rather frequently. Traveling from here is just very time consuming..... even to L48.