Friday, July 20, 2012

if you really knew me....

I have seen this around on a few blogs and Kelsey over at miss blondie posted it and I thought this was fun.

If you really knew me, you would know...

  • I prefer vodka over rum.
  • It took me three times to pass my road test...and my brother tells me he prefers how I drive over one of my siblings. 
  • I can't parallel park to save my life.
  • When I get drunk, I get all friendly and apparently like to slap you on your butt! Ha!
  • I am not unique when it comes to naming my pets. My current dog is named Shadow because when we got her, I felt like she was my "shadow" and followed me around. Plus, who names a black dog Honey?! And the dog before that was named Rusty...because his fur was a rust color. 
  • I did not like stuffing (like the Stove Top kind) until a few years ago.
  • I only really like light beer.
  • I can be really blunt. My mouth has no filter.
  • I probably curse way too much for a female. 
  • People confused me for the Olsen Twins when I was younger. Good thing we're the same age.
  • You really can't talk to me first thing in the morning.....I am not alert or pleasant!
  • I have loved weddings and babies for the longest time. Like I can't wait for that period of my life. It's all planned...or so I think!
  • I obsess over Channing Tatum. Like legit I'm sad he is married.
  • I was written up in the police blotter of the school newspaper as a freshmen...oops!
  • I put post it notes on my dashboard to remind me to get gas when I am low.
  • I met Teresa Guidice. I stood two feet from Donald Trump and Rudy Guilani. 
  • The taste of fish makes me sick to my stomach....hence why I eat a lot of chicken.
  • I set three alarms when I have to get up....I just have this fear of over sleeping!
  • My first kiss wasn't until I was 19. 
  • I have such bad road rage. If you're going to follow me up my butt while I'm driving in traffic, I really just want to smack you.
  • I need about three cups of coffee to be able to function for the day!  

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  1. Hey girl- I'm a new follower and love your blog. The post-it note on the dash is a great stealing that! :)