Sunday, July 22, 2012

{Sunday Social - Week 7}

Linking up again with Ashley @ Ashley's Carnival Ride and Neely @ A Complete Waste of Makeup for Sunday Social.

Favorite Handbag you have ever owned?:
This is a really difficult question. I mean really tough for me to answer! I love handbags so much. I would prefer to buy one over buying a pair of shoes any day of the week. I'm not kidding. I have so many purses I don't know where to put them anymore! Ha ha! I love all bags by Vera Bradley, Coach and MK.

That being said, my favorite handbag that I ever owned is probably my Michael Kohrs bag that my brother Brian gave me for Christmas!

Dream handbag you lust over?:
That would be a Louis Vuitton. Every time I seem someone with one, my face turns green with envy. Well, not really but my eyes just dart to it.

Either one of these would be nice:

Daily essentials in your purse or work bag?:
My "work" bag was my teacher bag when I was student teaching. And once I land a teaching job, I will have it again. But when I did have one, it included my papers, lesson plan book, pens, and HAND SANITIZER. Oh my word I cannot have enough of it as a teacher!

As for my actual bag, my daily essentials are: gum, hand sanitizer, lotion, eye drops for my contacts, sunglasses for when I'm wearing my contacts and its bright while driving, a pen or two, and my keys! I usually have to check to make sure my house keys are in my bag (they are on a lanyard) before I leave my house.....otherwise I lock myself out like I did last week!

What's in your purse? (With pictures):
 Inside my purse  (the MK one I posted above) there is:
1. Cover Girl compact
2. Tide to Go Pen
3. House keys on Vera Bradley lanyard
3. TBP Compact mirror (by Vera Bradley)
4. Priscilla Pink Zip Id (by Vera Bradley) to throw in bags like for the beach with id
5. Coach glasses case (for when I am wearing my contacts incase I need to switch)
6. Coach wallet
7. Coach sunglasses (the case is somewhere)
8. BR Vera Bradley Coin Purse
9. My car keys
10. A couple of pens
11. Hair clip
12. Hand lotion (smells so good)
13. Two of my name tags for work
14. Inside the Ralph Lauren pink wristlet is contact case, contact solution, chapstick and a compact brush.
15. My iPhone (which was currently charging when I took this picture)


  1. I love your Michael Kors bag! Gorgeous & I'm jealous of it lol

  2. very cute blog!
    found it on social sunday!

    now following


  3. I just read you graduated from New Paltz! I go there now! lol

  4. Gosh I love seeing what's inside everyone's bags!!
    I have a LV tote and I know that every loves that big neverfull bag...but I chose against it since it didn't zipper shut!! I don't need my millions of things falling out! Have a great Sunday!

  5. Love your MK purse! Also saw that you have a Tide to go pen in your purse, I haven't had one for a while and I've needed it on NUMEROUS occassions! New follower.

  6. Your MK bag is so pretty! Thanks for linking up!

  7. I carry hand sanitizer & a tide to-go pen with my everywhere too! And I know just how you feel about the Louis V! I want one soooo bad, but I don't see a $1,000 bag in my future anytime soon :(

  8. we have the exact same thing in out bag!

    come say hi at and have a great week!

  9. I love that handbag!!