Friday, July 6, 2012

{Friday's Letters}

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Dear brother #3: Thank you for FINALLY cleaning the upstairs bathroom last night after me nagging you. I'm glad my threat of if you didn't do it, I wouldn't drive you to the airport worked. Also, don't ask me to drive you to the airport at 6am again on my one day to sleep in!

Dear boyfriend: Thank you for the lovely ring you gave me yesterday on our anniversary. Sorry I suck so much at picking out gifts for guys. But PLEASE stop whining you're not invited to things when its just the girls. I dont complain when you hang out with just your guy friends. Ugh, men sometimes.

Dear laundry: The fairies need to finish you. I am sick of doing it.

Dear Target: I know I am going to spend money in you today. It is going to be a blow to my wallet. FML.

Dear student loans: i need to call and lower my monthly payment because I can't afford $800 a month. Yeah, that is so not happening. I have been saying I will do it this day, then the next (typically procrastination) but need to do it before July 25th when those payments are due!

Dear lovely goddaughter of mine: Please stop growing  up so fast. One day you were this tiny 5 lb 3 oz peanut I was holding now you are a 7.5 year old going on 16! I love you so much!

Dear cake: I wish you would bake yourself.

Dear day: There are simply not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything I need to do and want to do! Like sleep more. If I had 5 more hours in a day, it'd help me out! I want to go get my nails done today before I have to pick my grandma up for my niece/goddaughter's recital but I think I'll feel to rushed.


  1. Dear Kristen-
    I hope you have a great weekend.