Friday, July 13, 2012

{Friday's Letters}

Dear old guy behind me at the car wash yesterday: There was NO REASON for you to be up my butt while we were both on line to have our cars washed. There was a long line and you were going to get your car washed to. So don't ride up someone's butt on a line.

Dear Planet Fitness: I have a love/hate relationship with the gym right now. I am taking today off because my body is sore. I will see you tomorrow...please continue to kick my butt when I need it!

Dear student loans: You will be the bane of my existence. You are the only debt I have at my age (which isn't even really that bad with what everyone tells me) but I think its hilarious they expect me to pay you back at the rate of $711 a month. HA! I don't make that. Thankfully, my lending company is letting me do income-based repayment right now and I won't have to make those payments for awhile. I do think its funny they told me to file with an unemployment agency when I already have a job.....

Dear jobs: I wish you would fall into my lap. Writing cover letters and applying but no phone call is getting tiresome. I just want to interview already!

Dear external hardrive: I am so glad you are taking 12 years to back up my computer! Really, can't you make it a little faster?

Dear World Financial Bank: STOP HARASSING MY HOUSE PHONE! Calling numerous times in the span of five minutes just makes me want to punch you in the gut. I have no debt other than student loans. If I pick up, tell me what the heck you are talking about. I swear this is the most annoying thing EVER.

Dear Taco Bell: As unhealthy as you are, I have a serious craving for you.

Dear bed: I love you oh so much. Literally, we could have a love affair (just kidding!) You are so comfy I groan when I have to get out of you to actually be productive and go to places like work.

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  1. ugh sorry about the phone harassers, I have been getting them too lately and it was so random and out of the blue now they are constant i am annoyed

  2. Girl you are crazy.. $711 for student loans.. i thought mine was bad at $160 a month... so crazy!! I don't understand how the expect us to make these payments yet there are NO jobs for us!! :( what did you major in?

    Happy Friday!

    1. It's three monthly loan payments combined! I actually called the guy the other day and asked if they were NUTS!

  3. I know what's it is like waiting for those interviews! Don't worry, the job that's meant for you will come! And now I want a taco.

  4. I thought I'd NEVER finish paying off those student loans. But, I did and you will, too. Keep your chin up and keep trying, you will get a call back and will start on a new journey!

  5. There is a person who lives in my neighborhood that somehow we come home at the same time & he always tailgates me all the way through the neighborhood! I mean... we are already minutes away from our block! I can't stand rude drivers! You reminded me I need to purchase ab external hard drive, so not looking forward to it taking forever. Have a great weekend!