Saturday, July 21, 2012

Good things are a-happening!

Yeah, that's right...I just made a-happening as a word. So many good things I feel like happened today!

My cousin Lisa & her fiance Bryce booked their wedding venue! They moved back here from Florida in June and they were planning on getting married next summer. They looked at places this week and called me this afternoon to tell me they booked the place and set the date -- July 4, 2013! What a fun anniversary...very patriotic. They're getting married at a place that is on the water so it'll be fun with somewhat of a nautical theme. I told Lisa as long as she does not put me in a tacky bridesmaid dress, I am okay with anything. So excited for the wedding!

Secondly, my brother Brian, the one I am closest to in age and the one I work with, got an interview! I know he wants to get out of being a server and I can't really blame him. But he got an interview in NYC for Tuesday! So happy for him...hopefully this opens up new doors for him.

Thirdly, I need more hours at work. I would love to have a salary of a teacher but right now as I continue to hunt for jobs, I need more money. I emailed the manager that makes my schedule and told her I wanted more hours and to be trained for take out. She forwarded it to another manager who I spoke with tonight as I was leaving and she was on the same page and thinks it is a great idea that I get trained for take out! I am actually excited because maybe I can make a little more money. It'll take some getting used to on the computer but that would be fun!

My brother Brian also gave my email to this lady who helps with resume and cover letters. She helped him with his so hopefully she can give me some advice/tweek it that will help me land the interview!

The Olympics start soon and I am so excited. I really want to just watch the women's gymnastics event. It has always been my favorite event in the Olympics.

Now, for some not so fantastic news....the movie theater shooting in Colorado. I just don't get it. What is wrong with people?! I swear, you cannot feel safe anywhere anymore. You go to school to get an education and someone opens fire (hello Columbine, Virginia Tech, etc). There have been numerous shootings at churches over the years. Now a movie theater? What was going through this psycho's mind?! The fact that 12 people died and almost 60 were injured is just heart-wrenching. It almost makes me feel as if you can be safe nowhere. I am also petrified to go see The Dark Knight Rises in the theater now.

So cannot wait for my girls night out on Tuesday to see Magic Mike with Shannon & Olivia! Because who doesn't love Channing Tatum?!

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  1. I was saying the same thing about not being safe anywhere anymore. I was telling J that no one is going to go see The Dark Knight now. I wouldn't. It's sad what this world has come to :/

    <3 Jamie