Tuesday, July 10, 2012

And then I got to thinking...

Wasn't this a line from Sex and the City? Or am I just making that up? I should know, since I have watched all the seasons again and the two movies recently!

I feel the need to rewatch all the seasons of Law & Order SVU. Call me crazy...I know I could be doing something a tad more productive with my day (like cleaning the kitchen cabinets for my mom like I said I would) or calling to get them to lower my loan repayments for each month...but it's just nice to have it on in the background. I honestly never really watched this show until I lived with my BFF Stephanie our sophomore year in college. We used to go to the dining hall to get our food, come back to the room and eat it while watching SVU and coloring. Reaaaaaaaallllll mature for college kids! Plus, I really have missed Elliot Stabler on this past season. It just did not feel the same to me!

Today, I went back to the gym for the first time in what has to be three weeks. Lord help me tomorrow when I will probably be waddling around my house. I did over 3 miles on the elliptical, which I was proud of doing. I have missed it. I wish I had the determination to go every single day but sometimes, sleep wins.

I also finally got a manicure and there was this new lady that did it at the place I go to. She was very chatty, which was nice and got me in/out in an hour! I usually stick with reds or pinks but I switched it up and got this (Thanks a Windmillion):

Friday night was my niece Sara's dance recital. This was her 5th year so we stayed all the way til the end to see her get her award! I am so proud of my little munchkin niece. She knows I took dance and was asking how long I danced. She had a ballet number and a tap number. I am looking forward to see what she takes next year. Once I find my camera cord and upload pictures, I will share them. :)

As for news on the job front, I am searching every single day. Most of the districts on Long Island utilize this system called "OLAS" (On-line Application System). You click on the region in NYS and then look at all the available listings. Most schools don't even take paper resumes/cover letters anymore which is frustrating! I have been stalking this website for weeks now and go on every day, at least multiple times a day. By doing so, I keep finding new job postings popping up that I can apply for. There's a new one for 7-12 Spanish (my certification) that just popped up now that was not there this morning. So hopefully something will come my way soon. It doesn't even matter if it is a subbing position. I just want something for the experience! Say a prayer/keep your fingers crossed that something will come along my way soon.

And considering I spend way way way too much time on Pinterest, here are some of my favorite recent finds:


  1. I love all of those pinterest finds!! Sleep wins over working out pretty often for me too!

  2. I've been rocking a lot of blue & green on my nails lately too! And OMG I loooove Law & Order SVU! The marathons they have on USA network every Sunday & Thursday kill me. I can never be productive when that show is on! Once you watch the first 2 minutes, you're hooked!

  3. LMFAO that last pin is awesome!