Friday, June 29, 2012

{Friday's Letters}

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Dear traffic: Please do not be a pain in the butt as my friends and I drive to Atlantic City in a few hours. You cause me to have such bad road rage (especially when someone is going 5 mph and 4 cars can fit in front of them) and I really just want to have a good weekend!

Dear liver: I am sorry for anything that happens this weekend. I promise I won't go too crazy with the drinks. :)

Dear boyfriend: I will miss you and will send you a few texts...however I am going to enjoy my weekend with the girls sans you! It's nice you love hearing from me as I do from you but I just need a weekend with my girls!

Dear movie gods: thank you for making "Magic Mike." I'll see that 8 times because of the drool worthy factor!

Dear body: For once in my life, can you wake me up and feel refreshed? I know I love my bed but I would love to wake up feeling refreshed.

Dear boss of mine: Thanks for giving me the 4th of July off! And four days in a row off next week! Monday night shift, Double saturday, and Sunday morning shift = one happy girl. I usually NEVER have the 4th of July off!

Dear Planet Fitness: I know you miss me as I miss you. I promise I'll be back there dying on the treadmill soon.

Dear brother #2 of mine: Your new dog Tucker is so cute I *may* try to steal him. Ha ha! And thanks for inviting me over whenever I want to your pool since ours is no more. :)

Dear Pinterest: Thanks for sucking me in for hours on end. I'd probably be a LOT more productive if you did not exist! And wouldnt have things like this saved on my computer:


  1. I LOVE MEAN GIRLS. I used to quote it with my friends all the time and now I quote it with my students. There was a group of students who wore pink on Wednesdays with me.
    And I also have not been waking up very refreshed lately either. I am so sick and tired of it, I just want a good night's sleep!

  2. Aww have a super fun weekend with your girlies!! :)

  3. Love your Pinterest finds! Hilarious! I love Ryan and love Mean Girls! Have fun & be safe this weekend!


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