Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I feel like nothing "blog worthy" is happening lately. All I do is really errands, work, and apply for jobs. Oh, the life I lead! I am sure once I come back from AC (I go next weekend!) I will have some stories for y'all.

I am currently sitting at the Toyota dealership where my mom bought her car taking it in for its NYS inspection. One of the guys said to me "Weren't you just here?" HAHA Yes I was...last week...for mine! It is me...and about 5 senior citizens. Awesome. Just what I want.

I am actually excited to have tomorrow night off from work. The downside? I work tonight instead. Ha! The girl that was suppose to work tonight needed tonight off so we just flip flopped. At least I won't have to rush back tomorrow from the appointment with my friend's sister at Northwestern Mutual to get ready.

Speaking of which, last week my friend's sister asked me to meet with her because she is interning at Northwestern Mutual to become a financial planner. Her and her boss/advisor asked me all types of questions. Things I had never really thought about. Like saving for retirement, 401K, investments, etc. Honestly, I have not started saving for retirement at 25, nor do I have a 401K or any investments. That is probably a bad thing but honestly, the job I have now does not leave me enough to save nearly as much as I would like to while paying off my student loans (which is really the only debt I have). I just figured I would worry about that stuff when I got my real job. Am I the only one that is not really worried about this and I probably should be?

Jobs...how I would just love to have at least ONE interview already. While we did mock interviews last year in our student teaching seminar class and my professor said I interview well, I'd actually like to be called on one! I have applied for a few jobs and the problem is, the districts only do online applications and tell you not to email them back (because it comes from a generic school-based email). One district emailed me twice to say they had my resume/cover letter and I was hoping to hear from them. I am hoping now that school ends this week on Friday that more jobs will be posted and they will do it over the summer plus more interviews. You would think having a brother who is friends with a bunch of teachers (and is one himself) as well as his wife would help but in the area where we live, the teaching jobs are hard to come by. Please say a prayer I will find one soon. I am tempted to move OUT of New York state to find one.

And because I spend all my time on Pinterest here are a few of my favorite Pinterest finds:

OMG This is too funny. Combines two of my favorite things, 50 Shades of Grey & "Call Me Maybe"

Would totally wear this to teach in

I'm sorry if you're a Twilight fan but that has to be one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my life.

Yes please! I wouldn't object to him telling me that.

Love Betty White!

 Love LC's style!

I cannot WAIT to see this movie. Please tell me you have seen the preview for it.

I just laughed so hard when I saw that one!

LOVED Melissa McCarthy's role in "Bridesmaids"


  1. Alaska has jobs..just sayin'...I couldn't find one on the east coast to save my life. It took me 2 full years out of college to get one.

  2. Betty White cracks me up! Good luck with the job search! Teachers seem to be taking a big hit in that department here in WI.