Tuesday, June 12, 2012

{I Workout - Gym Playlist}

As I jogged along on the treadmill the other day at the gym and my thighs cheered me on (ha! That's what it felt like), I got to thinking how I can't workout without music. Weird? Probably, but it motivates me.

I think it goes back to all the years I danced. Always warming up to some new tunes each week. We always used to have a "free style pass" across the floor before we began working on choreography. It was just fun.

That being said, I love me some good tunes. I need the tunes to get me through my workout when I'd rather be getting out of the gym and taking a good old nap. Sometimes I feel like a FOOL when I am running on the treadmill or walking at a steep incline and someone is breezing by. In a "no judgement zone gym," I sometimes feel bad about myself and I shouldn't. 

At least I am working out! I would love to be able to run a 5K....one of these days. Ideally, I would love to do one in 2013 (2014 if life gets too crazy) but I feel like I don't have a runner's form and look like a spaz. How does one do it? Christine's blog is a constant source of motivation and I might as well go back and read it from the beginning. I have also found a lot of other running blogs to use for motivation and honestly, if anyone can get themselves up and out there running, well then so can I!

 So, without further adieu, here are some tunes I love working out to at the gym:

Gym Playlist:
~Sexy and I Know It: LMFAO - Seriously, the beat just makes me want to shake my bootay while on the treadmill.
~Party in the USA: Miley Cyrus - "So I put my hands up, they're playing my song..." You betcha. This is always a feel good song for me. Yes, I will admit that at 25, I enjoy her music.

~For Your Entertainment: Adam Lambert - I have loved this song since it came out. It makes me feel like it would've been a jazz number. Plus the beat makes me go faster when I am on the treadmill..or elliptical.

~Dude Looks Like a Lady: Aerosmith - This always reminds me of the scene in "Mrs.Doubtfire" when she's walking up the street. It pushes me on.

~Smooth Criminal - Alien Ant Farm - awesome beat. enough said.

~Respect - Aretha Franklin - SING IT SISTER.

~I Love College - Asher Roth -- Somewhat of a slow tune (good for cool down) but reminds me of my NP days.

~I Run for Life - Melissa Etheridge -- Such a motivating song. I almost want to throw my hands up when it's over like I crossed a finish line.

~Go Getta - Young Jeezy -- I love this beat.

~I Wanna Dance with Somebody - Whitney Houston -- This will always be on my playlist.

~Shark In The Water - VV Brown -- Heard this at work. Nice mix up for either powering on or cooling down.

~DJ Got Us Falling in Love Again - Usher 

~Elevation - U2 -- What's not to love about this?!

~Rain Over Me - Pitbull -- One of his newer songs. Doesn't get old to me!

~Sparks Fly - Taylor Swift -- TayTay is one of my favorite artists and um, yeah. This is my jam.

~Break Your Heart -- Taio Cruz

~Spice Up Your Life - spice Girls -- I'm not sorry this is on my gym playlist. Nor do I care if anyone hears it while I am working out. :)

~Jai Ho - Slum Dog Millionaire Soundtrack -- My friend Heather actually introduced me to this one and I am forever grateful. Love the beat.

~Hips Don't Lie - Shakira -- I love most of her songs and they just get me going and saying the Spanish parts in my head.

I could go on and on with more songs. But I'll stop here....for now. What songs motivate you while you workout?  




  1. ok! seriously LOVE your playlist!
    run to we run the night- havana brown w/pitbull! SO good!

  2. ugh. I know about the running - plus training for things takes up so much time and effort. but, the thing i LOVE about running & working out is new music!! weeeee. Here are my current faves:
    "All Night" -- Demi Lovato
    "Turn around" --Flo Rida
    Anything Pitbull is fabulous too!