Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Happy Wednesday y'all!! Time for another one of my favorite link ups with Jamie over at This Kind of Love

Here's what I'm loving this week:

I'm loving this photo of me holding my cousin's twins, Adeline Quinn and Charlotte Baily. I adore babies and I am thankful that even though the girls were born two months premature, they are doing well!

I'm loving that Friday night will be a girl's night out with Shannon and Olivia. I am forever thankful I met these two amazing girls at school and we became so close. 

I'm loving how fast my eye glass guy works! I went to the eye doctor yesterday and had to get new prescriptions for both my contacts and glasses. Instead of having to buy a whole new frame (I love my purple Coach ones!), he ordered the lenses and will cut them to fit the frame. Both came in within a day! When I ordered from Cosco, it'd take FOREVER!

I'm loving that my boyfriend installed new windshield wipers for me. All for the price of $14 (thank you Wal-mart!)

I'm loving that Teen Mom with Maci, Farrah, Amber and Catelyn is back. Yes, it is kind of pathetic I watch that show (I actually watch a lot of bad tv!) but I can't help it! Plus, Bentley is the cutest lil boy ever.

I'm loving this pin I found on Pinterest because it really is my life...and I am sure most of you all can agree:

 I'm loving episodes of "Friends" my favorite show (hands down) on Nick at nite. It makes me feel OLD that it is on there but I love it! I still laugh at every episode. Who else loved this show?!

I'm loving  that in two weekends, I will be in Atlantic City for a much needed girls weekend!


  1. Guilty. I love teen mom. Bentley is the cutest freaking kid in the whole world and I sorta love catelyn and tyler, i just want to swoop them up and give them a better life *cough* parents *cough*
    And yes friends, i love friends so much, it is still the best show of all time! I want them to make a movie so bad!! ahhh
    Great post!

  2. Friends is my favorite show!! I watch it every night in bed :)

  3. I have the special collector's edition dvd of the last episode of Friends. I remember that it was my senior year in high school that the show ended. So it really did feel like the end of an era!

  4. I'm guilty of loving Teen Mom too. Bentley is such a cutie!

  5. Totally agree with that womenreally only have two problems in life. So so true. Lol. Friends...awesome show. I have al 10 seasons on Dvd and watch them over and over again!

  6. Those girls are so cute! I always cry when I watch the series finale of friends!