Monday, June 4, 2012

Hey I just met you....

And this is crazy...
But here's my number
So call me maybe!

Is it wrong that every time I hear this song on the radio, on my IPod or play on iTunes, I just want to sing it at the top of my lungs. I actually did this on the way home from work tonight and I was at a red light. A cop was turning and looked at me, kind of shocked. I am not ashamed. I can't tell you the amount of times I have gotten weird looks while singing along to my radio. 

And if you have no idea what song I am talking about, watch this. By the way, the song will never get old (at least for now)!

My cousin Lisa and her fiance Bryce moved back to New York this weekend! They officially arrived last night. Bryce is a funny one. He wrote on my facebook that he was at the Applebee's right by my job and I should join them. If my feet weren't THROBBING from the craziness at work, I would have met up with them. But they'll be in New York for at least two years so it'll be exciting. Plus, they have to plan their wedding now (I think they're still thinking of 7/6/13 as their date) and I get to be a bridesmaid! :)

So, I completely did not know that there was a new season of "Extreme Couponing" that started last Monday. My DVR is set to record all new episodes of my favorite shows so this came up. I was watching it this morning and honestly, the show cracks me up. I am *all* for saving money and using coupons. But the extent to which these people do it is just ridiculous. One lady on the show had cases of bottles of soda. Um....newsflash...they will go bad. Or how you need 2 years worth of school supplies. They'll be there next year. It's almost a part-time job the way these people coupon. I do not want to spend those 20 hours a week couponing...I'd rather make more productive use out of it and be with friends or family. But seriously, the show continues to crack me up.

Also, now that it is summer (although today was a downpour-tastic day), I want to work out more. You may think "Why run on a treadmill in a gym when you can run outside?" Because I feel like a complete FOOL when I do that! I would eventually like to be able to do it...and not die in the process! I was never a runner in school...I dreaded the mile in gym class! But about a year ago, I stumbled across Christine's blog, These Happy Miles. This chick has got it going ON with the running she can do, training for races, and working a full time time. She is truly an inspiration and it sounds weird to say it since I don't know her in real life (IRL!), but I use her blog as a motivation tool. I figure, if she can run a bunch of half marathons, I can get there....eventually. I know it is not an overnight change but a gradual one. Hopefully I'll get there by the end of the summer! 

And I don't mind this as motivation:


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