Friday, June 8, 2012

{Friday's Letters}

Dear Stomach: Stop growling! I already ate so much today...and will fulfill your desire when I take Emma to McDonalds.

Dear Liam Hemsworth: Really? Miley Cyrus?! You can so so much me! :)

Dear Nick Jr.: Thank god you did not exist when I was young! As I watch you while I am babysitting my three year old niece, I can't help but feel sorry for the people dressed up as Yo Yo Gabba.

Dear Job: As much as I want money, I am not looking forward to working tonight. I wish I could get paid to not work. I just don't feel like dealing with people that are so needy tonight. If you're that needy, stay home!

Dear people who ride up my butt on the roads: I'm sorry going 80 in a 65MPH is not fast enough for you. Please...speed onward to an accident and get yourself hurt because you are in SUCH a rush to go to the next red light. And if someone is driving slow in front of me and I can't get over, don't get pissed at me! {Seriously I have such road rage sometimes)

Dear idiot who plowed through the stop sign on my block: Thanks for being an impatient a-hole and not waiting or actually abiding by the law and STOPPING at the STOP sign. Excuse me if I had pulled out of my driveway and was deserved that middle finger I gave you for not stopping and driving AROUND me as I was going. Seriously, WTF is wrong with you?

Dear vacation: Please come soon. I need some sun, beach, and cocktails (AC in 3 weeks!)

Dear job market: Please help me find a job! I really need to teach soon! It'd be nice. 

Dear Bank account: I wish your number was higher rather than lower. Being an adult and paying off bills SUCKS. Help me win the lottery.

Dear bed: I cannot wait to be reunited with you later tonight and have a love affair! I am so tired and need sleep for shopping before work tomorrow. 

Dear Christian Grey: You're so fine. I wish you had a 5 book contract. ;)

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  1. i'm a born and raised new yorker that has a strong affinity for the south, too! :) found you via the link up xo