Saturday, June 2, 2012

Let's restart today

Let's face no means am I a morning person. I am probably one of the most unpleasant/cranky people in the morning. I could sleep 12 hours from going to bed at 10, waking up at 8, and still NOT be pleasant. It's just my nature.

This is one of the few days I could actually sleep in this week. I haven't been sleeping well at night so I wanted to catch up on sleep. I planned on getting up between 10:30-11 so that's not too late (I don't have to go to work til 5 today thank god!). My brother goes in/out of the house slamming the door, screaming that my other brother put his dirty shoes on top of his basketball shoes. Oh. My. God. It's the end of the world as we know it..your shoes are dirty. Cause you can't clean them or anything. My oldest brother that is handicap, his res hab worker came and rang the bell causing my dog to bark so loudly. My mom knows I am not a morning person so she tried to get the dog to stop barking. My brother is still carrying on about his freaking shoes. I about lost it. Maybe if you took your freaking shoes to your room and didn't leave them out for a line up, you wouldnt have this issue. The hallway to the kitchen is not your domain to display your stupid basketball sneakers. And then he complains my other brother needs to clean his side of their room...his side is not even any better! I probably should not have screamed at him but sometimes I can't take him. He acts like he is 5 when he's 30. He needs to grow up.

I'm sorry for b*tching. It's just frustrating still living at home at times because my mom will complain the house is a mess but then proceeds to bring more stuff out to only add to it. Like that is really going to help the situation and make your house clean. It drives me nuts because no matter what I clean up, someone wrecks it a day later. Why even bother at this point? I know I can recitfy the situation by moving out but currently, that is not an option. But believe me, I am looking into it because there is no way I want to be 30 and living at home.

I just want to restart on today. Here's to hoping it isn't as crappy as I predict it to be because otherwise, I am not getting out of bed tomorrow!

End of my b*tch session. I just really needed to get that off my chest. Maybe I'll actually go do something clean up a mess downstairs that *I* didn't create or clean out my closet. Somehow, I find cleaning to be cathartic and makes me feel better.

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  1. I understand your frustration. I lived at home with my mom, dad, and one of my younger brothers until I was 23 (actually I commuted to college since we lived so close, so I never really moved out). Even after I got married, my husband had to go away to training for 4 months before we moved to AK, so I lived at home then too!