Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dresses, Shoes, Oh My

Today was a fun day! My friend Amanda drove down from upstate NY because she has a bridal shower for someone tomorrow. Since Shannon and I were both off from work in the morning, we went shopping at one of our big malls with Amanda to look for dresses for Atlantic City! The three of us, along with our friend Olivia, will be going from June 29-July 1st. I am super excited because it is my first time going! Olivia sadly couldn't come with us today because she is in Boston with her boyfriend Marc for the weekend but if the four of us were together in the mall, we would have done more damage.

I ended up buying two dresses. I honestly hate wearing dresses sometimes for various reasons. One is my butt is so big so if it doesn't fit right, it barely covers my butt. I wanted to venture a little outside of my comforter zone and wear a dress (when I was in college, I usually wore a cute top and jeans out to the bars). Shannon, Amanda and I had so much fun trying on random stuff! I so wanted to get this pink sequin dress in Forever 21 but it barely covered my butt and it was too itchy. But Shannon ended up getting it. Here's what I ended up with:

This blue dress from Forever 21. Now, what color shoes to wear?! HELP PLEASE!

And this from Charlotte Russe. I am thinking I might do a red heel with this.

After we all got dresses, we looked for shoes. Or, Shannon and Amanda did because I HATE shoe shopping! With being so tall, I rarely wear heels because I don't feel safe walking in them. Plus, I would rather be in flipflops or barefoot. When I had to get shoes to wear to my friend's wedding back in November, I went to THIRTEEN different stores. I am *that* picky. They both got shoes and I now need shoes to complete my outfit. 

Have you worn spanks? I want to wear it under the dresses to feel "thinner" and look slim. Where on Earth do you buy them? Target? Kohls? I may try Kohl's on Tuesday because I have a 30% off coupon plus a 15% off from my email that I can combine. Let's hope I can find them before the 29th!


  1. Nude-colored pumps would look great with either :)

  2. definitely nude colored heels!

    i had to wear spanx on my wedding day just because of the day my dress was made...i just ordered it online though!