Thursday, June 7, 2012

{It's OK Thursday}

Time for another one of my favorite link ups, "It's Okay Thursday" with Neely @ A Complete Waste of Makeup and Amber @ Brunch with Amber. Head on over to their blogs and tell what's okay with you this week.


that I plan on drinking a pot of coffee today because otherwise I would not be functioning.

that I am not a morning person by ANY means. 

that I took my entire closet/wardrobe out last night and about 75% is back in. I need to try on pants and move that stuff out. 

that I look in my closet and think I don't have any clothes when I have too many (every girl's problem!)

that I am debating if I want to go to the gym later or take a nap. Seriously, I need to work out.

to be excited about going shopping for hot little outfits for Atlantic City on Saturday! I can't wait to go!

to be upset now that I have finished "50 Shades of Grey" triology. I want more Christian!

to spend a lot of hours on Pinterest. Because how else can I find these gems?

to contemplate playing the lottery because I need to win money big time!


  1. I always feel like I have nothing to wear.. and my closet is so full. It's annoying.

  2. I'm the type who gets emotionally attached to clothes (so is my husband!), so we have a box full of high school sports tshirts that we'll never get rid of. I also think, "Oh, I'll wear those pants from 2005 again". Um no. I won't.
    Oh, you should totally go to the gym :)