Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Reading List

When I was younger, my public library did a summer reading program. The basis of it was to encourage reading among young kids! You would read the books, come to the library to report on them, get stickers/rewards. One summer, I won an award for reading 250 books. Nerd much? Yes, probably so!

Once I was "forced" to do summer reading for school every summer from 5th grade going into 6th grade on, I lost interest in reading. Unless I found a book that captivated me. Once I graduated college, my interest in reading has been renewed. And now that I own a kindle, I still like to read an actual book sometimes instead of the digital version.

So, what are the books I plan on reading this summer?

Currently reading:

Gymnastics has always been one of my favorite sports. And it is the ONLY sport I really watch during the Olympics. I am so excited for the gymnastics events in London's 2012 olympics. Wahoo. That being said, I came across this book in Barnes & Noble and it is really good. I am enjoying reading about Shawn's career and achieving her dreams. It's inspirational. I also am sad that she retired from gymnastics but it happens at one point or another.

On the list to be read this summer:

It dawned on me this is considered a "self-help" book but I am intrigued by it!

Dominique Moceanu is my favorite athlete next to Tara Lipinski. I had no idea she was writing a book so I am super excited to read it! I am debating if I want to get it on my kindle or from B&N. Is my summer going to be full of reading celebrity memoirs? Maybe so! Now if Tara Lipinski came out with one, I'm all aboard!

I also plan on finishing The Hunger Games Series, Jodi Picoult's "Lone Wolf." Another favorite author, Emily Giffin, has this book coming out in July and I am excited to read it! I still have to read "Love the One You're With" and "Baby Proof" but this one will hopefully be as good as "Heart of the Matter."

Both "Heaven is for Real" and Elle DeGeneres' book have been sitting in my room for awhile. I have heard good things about both.

I guess I better get back to reading! Lots to read this summer. :)

What are y'all reading this summer? Leave me suggestions of some of your favorite books!


  1. I want to read both gymnasts' books. As a former gymnast, they just interest me! In the summer I like to read books that don't make me think too much. I just finished reading all of the Stephanie Plum books. I love getting recommendations for books!

  2. I wanna read Winning Balance! I just gotta download it to my kindle! Also, I read Heaven is for Real. OMG what a great book! I think I finished it in a day at work!

  3. I want to read Winning Balance as well! This is a great list!

  4. I can't wait to read Emily Giffin's new book!!!