Saturday, June 2, 2012

{Cruise Recap - Part 3}

After we left Half Moon Cay, we headed to Nassau, Bahamas. Honestly, the weather sucked in this port. John and I just wanted to lay out at the beach for a little while, get some more color, and hit the shopping. It was okay when we first docked in Nassau but at one point, it started raining. We tried to make the most of it though!

View of Atlantis as we were walking in from the ship

Not sure why I found it so amusing that Subway was there 
(FYI - There was also a Dunkin Donuts, KFC, Burger King, and McDonalds)

At one point we stopped here and got frapps because we were hot and thirsty. 

The straw market reminded me of the "Flea Market" we have near me at home. You basically bargain with the people. My boyfriend did all the bargaining for me here, he's good like that! 

For some reason, I had looked up this place before I went on the cruise and said we had to eat lunch here. 

John outside Senor Frogs (this was before it opened)

The staff at Senor Frog's was dancing. They had a huge DJ/dance floor in the back. 

Ceiling decorations

Cover of the menu...haha! 

The tables. They were cute!

My yard of Sex on the Beach...SO good and so worth the $15!

John & his yard

I got so excited when I saw this! Long Island in the Bahamas!

Feeling good with Senor Frog.

After lunch, we basically just walked around and shopped some more before we had to head back on to the ship. I really wish we had better weather so we could've laid out on the beach (I was bikini ready!)

Me before boarding the ship with Atlantis in the background

Us in Nassau Bahamas before we boarded our ship (There were 4 other ships there...3 being Carnival!)

 View of Atlantis as we were sailing away

Kindle & a Strawberry Daquiri....perfect way to spend vacation

More  sailing away

Saturday's towel animal...I think this was my favorite!
Sunday was a day at sea. We basically spent the day laying out again. We read more (John finally finished Catching Fire), drank, swam in the adult pool, etc. This was also Elegant Night #2.

Us in the atrium lobby before dinner. Love this dress! My mom got it at Kohl's (it's Ralph Lauren) on clearance with another 30% off!)

Fancy drink at dinner

Sunday's towel animal

This is what living with a guy for 8 days is like! MESSY!

After dinner, we went to see one of the adults only comedy shows on the ship. It had Al Romero and he was hilarious!

Monday was our last day at sea as we made our way back to NY :(. We basically just lounged around because after all, we were on vacation! 

Chocolate fountain at lunch!

Awesome watermelon carving!

The elevator doors inside

Our last night at dinner...I miss that cake! SO good!

Last towel animal!

Before we started packing (we had our luggage taken outside out state room), I had to take a picture of my closet. I claimed this entire closet because John had shoved his stuff into that small cabinet!

John stole this napkin

Our stateroom number!


Overall, it was one of the best vacations I have ever been on! It was well worth the wait...John told me in AUGUST 2011 he was taking me on a vacation and didn't tell me until November...don't think he booked it til December or January. I was pretty "blown" away by the cruise and would go on another one. It was clean, the food was pretty good, and I had a lot of fun.

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  1. I've been to that Senor Frogs, too! Looks like you had a great vacay!