Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Happy Leap Day everyone! The one day of the year that only comes around every four years. Can I just say I hope I don't ever give birth to a child on Leap day? Ha!

It's time to link up with Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving that my friends and I booked a weekend getaway to Atlantic City this summer!! I have never been to Atlantic City so it's going to be exciting! We are staying at Bally's and we have already mapquested directions to go to the Shore Store that the Jersey Shore cast works at.

I'm loving that Jodi Picoult's new book came out yesterday! There are SO many books I want to read/am in the middle of reading I just want to be able to start this one now.

I'm loving that my cousin Lisa is engaged! I just love weddings and I am excited to be in her wedding party. She said she is thinking of Tiffany Blue as the color for our dresses (her date is July 6, 2013) and I googled it...Such a pretty color, don't ya think?

I'm loving that my friend Ashley and I will finally get to have lunch together next week! We met in grad school, were in the same school for part of student teaching, and a great friendship blossomed from it. Love it.

I'm loving the two bathing suits I bought today at the mall with the boyfriend from Victoria's Secret. My mom says my butt sticks out in them (what can I say, I got junk in the trunk) but the boyfriend liked them. Plus, I got a cute bag for free (worth $85!) because I spent over $75.

I got a top & bottom in both these patterns & can mix/match!

(free bag)

I'm loving that we have BARELY had any snow this winter! Where I went to school, New Paltz, keeps getting snow. And it's only like 2.5, 3 hours away from me! I find that hysterical. And I hope I don't jinx myself.

I'm loving this pin from Pinterest:

I'm loving the new single by Carrie Underwood! It's called "Good Girl" off her album being released in May, which I can't wait for!! I really would love to go see her on tour.

I'm loving that my best friend April's birthday is on Friday and I get to see her this weekend!

I'm loving this adorable dress I got from New York & Company. I bought 95% of my student teaching clothes from there and love this! It will be perfect for the cruise and to incorporate into a more "adult" wardrobe.

what are you all loving this week?! :)

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  1. Tiffany blue will be gorgeous for a wedding theme! And Jodi Picoult is incredible. It's no longer Wednesday, but this Thursday I am loving the fact that my exam is over, and and I'm really really loving the fact that people are watching my youtube videos! Sorry, they're very personal to me.. But that's what I'm loving. :) Great post!