Thursday, February 2, 2012

Y'all need a laugh?

I procrastinate like no other. I say "I'll do it later..." which turns into tomorrow, the next day, etc. Hence, I really need to buckle down these next two weeks. Why? My Spanish content test is on February 18th. And yes, while it is the THIRD time I am taking it (no one passes the first time), I am hoping it will be THE LAST. Then, I can actually start applying for jobs!

However, tonight when I got home from my tutoring session with my student early and as I attempted to clean under my bed, (oh my heavens, it looks neater...and yes I store a lot of stuff under there...can't part with my teaching books!), I browsed Pinterest.

So here are some of my favorites as of lately. Y'all need a laugh because let's face it, we're praising the big man that it's FRIDAY tomorrow and the weekend is here! I know I need a laugh because my student who I was *suppose* to tutor is upset she is essentially being forced to not have me and she is so stressed out she's clueless as to what to do. (Sad face). So here we go, laugh away home slices!

Total story of my life!

OMG my friends would totally say that is true about me.

My boyfriend checks in every day at work.....his friends make fun of him for it. I LAUGHED so hard when I saw this.

Because who doesn't love blogging?!

Because it's true! I HATE SNOW!

Can I go back, please?!


She does not know how to dance!

*Sigh* TRUTH! :)


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  1. you sound just like me... I procrastinate like nobody's business. and pinterest enhances procrastination. love all of these pins!