Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ready for summer

Granted, this winter has been a breeze compared to last year. I mean, one day of snow that wasn't even that much. Last year, I swear for 5-6 weeks, on EVERY Tuesday it was snowing! Ugh. But I am so over the winter. I am ready for it to be summer. :)

Apparently the cable service we use now requires all tvs in every house to have a cable box. Otherwise, a lovely message will flash on your screen until you have one. Sucks for all my brothers because they dont have a cable box in their room but I do! :) I took the old one from downstairs when we got the high def tv and needed a high def cable box. But apparently my mother is sending me tomorrow to get them for everyone. Joy.

Yesterday and today, I felt like death was hanging over me. I felt so bad last night at work that I could not wait to go home. Of course, we had to stay and cover everything for maintenance so I was soooo excited to get out of there. I didn't even eat my food I ordered! My brother hurt his back so bad somehow he left. I spent the good portion of my morning today in bed watching Law & Order SVU. LOVE when there are marathons of it on! :) And thank goodness there are new episodes tomorrow. I have missed it...but not as much as I miss Stabler on that show!

Apparently at my undergrad school, there was this situation today...a hostage situation. It was caused by a freshmen student and thankfully, no one was really hurt. He's in jail now and one of the cops was hit in the head but he's okay. I am SO thankful that in the four years I went there, I never encountered anything like this on campus. I just pray the kid gets the help he needs.

Last night, I received the sweetest message from my student's mother on facebook. I have worked with this student for three semester and we were SUPPOSE to work together again but the program coordinator basically forced her to switch to someone else that can't come until 4:30 (she can't get there until 4:30/445 herself from student teaching) and my student was SUPER upset. We are still trying to work together because she's really not that fond of the person. The words from her mother just made my day and it was exactly what I needed to hear. I hope one day I can get a job where I will hear more things like that from parents. It makes all the hours of tutoring/teaching worth it.

I am SO excited for having Friday night off from work because I get to have a dinner date with these lovely ladies and see this lovely movie!

Because let's face it, Channing Tatum is drool worthy:

And I wouldn't mind if this was true:

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  1. Yesss Law & Order SVU marathons make everything better!