Thursday, February 2, 2012

jueves! (It's Okay!)

Sorry, I've got Spanish on the brain hence "jueves" in the title.

It's time to link up for "It's Okay!" Thursdays with Neely @ A Complete Waste of Makeup and Amber @ Brunch with Amber! :)

It's Ok... still be in your pajamas and it's almost 12:30pm. I don't really have anywhere to go today until later! I mean, aside from Wal-Mart... have stayed up until 2:30 in the morning talking to one of your best friends because she needed someone to vent to! :) be excited to have Friday night off from work next week. Holla! laugh at the amount of things you "pin" on Pinterest. Some of my favorite finds as of lately:
(umm, WTF?!) be envious of Kourtney Kardashian's style. I want to have her wardrobe, please! love watching the Jersey Shore even though it's such a train wreck. From the wise mouth of Snooki: "UTI does not stand for Ultimate Tanning Institute." laugh that my mother emails me from work to find things for her. She insists I quit looking for a teaching job and go become a detective. Ha! want it to be May (or maybe March) for when my cousin is due to have her IDENTICAL twin baby girls! I just love babies! :) yell out loud that you forgot to record Glee's Michael Jackson episode and you're mad since you are a new Glee addict. think the whole concept of Google+ is dumb. Maybe I shouldn't bad mouth it since my cousin works for them in CA. Oops.... have an insane amount of underwear from Victoria's Secret...I can't help it if I get a lot of coupons, Angel Rewards, and they are so comfy! want a new car. My car is going to last me (hopefully!) until I get my first real job and then I am going to buy a brand new one. I can't really complain since I got the "newest" car out of all my siblings for my first car. Love my little Cora, the Corolla! not want to go to the gym today because I needed to catch up on sleep. Oops! be super excited that Carrie Underwood's new album will be out this spring & hope she does a tour. I AM SO GOING!!! (if there is one!) have NO IDEA how to do my taxes and insist my brother does it for me. Umm, yeah I'd probably make a big mistake. Numbers + me = not a good combination!

What's okay with you on this Thursday?!


  1. I love the first 3 pins :) Especially the last one! Yay for babies, that is so exciting! Identical twins? That will be fun :)

  2. and the thing about walmart is.. you really could probably wear your pj's and fit right in! ;) So you can just leave them on ALL day! hahaha

    1. i totally would if i didnt have my tutoring sessions w/my student in the afternoon! ha! i'm back in them now and i am a happy camper. :)

  3. I don't understand the whole google + thing therefore I also think it's dumb. Sorry Cousin...

  4. I'm listening to Glee and I'm still in my PJS... and it's 8 pm. :) Woot!