Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WILW! :)

Happy Wednesday all ya lovely readers!

Time to link up with Jamie and show what you're loving on this fine Wednesday!

I'm loving that Ricky Martin episode of Glee last night. How great was it? It could have been better if he had done some of his own songs. I could have gone for some "She Bangs".

I'm loving I finally found a cute bathing suit! I went into Old Navy to get a new pair of pants for work (I think I shrunk my others) and this suit just spoke to me! It's floral with red, blue, and yellow in it. I tried to find it on their website but no luck. :(

I'm loving my dog. Sure there are days when she annoys me because she won't let you eat anything in peace but she's just so DARN cute:

I'm loving the girls night Shannon, Olivia and I have planned for Friday. Dinner/drinks and The Vow. UGH I cannot wait to drool over Channing Tatum! :)

I'm loving that my BFF Stephanie in Georgia is planning on coming up to NY this summer! Probably in August. And this time possibly with her boyfriend Brett! I miss her a lot! I hope I can go away in July to see her! :)

I'm loving that Jennifer Aniston has a new movie coming out this month! She's my favorite actress and I cannot wait to see "Wanderlust"! :) (And I wouldn't mind having her body when I get to be that age!)

I'm loving this new product, Garnier Silky Secret Leave-In! I picked it up at Walgreens today and it left my hair light, bouncy, and silky. I think I'm going to like it!

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  1. Your puppy is too cute!!
    Looks like you and I have the same idea for a GNO. Have a great time!!!!