Thursday, February 23, 2012


Good news - I got Cora back! Cora is the name I have for my car, my little Corolla. The collision shop that was repairing her called at like 2:30 saying it was ready and I could pick it up at 5. When I asked if I could pick it up at that time (like 2:30) since I'd be at school til 5, she said no. I thought it was odd, and when she said I couldn't leave the rental at the shop even though the rental place said I could, she put me on hold I guess to ask. Well, I got it at 5 after school and I was so happy to see the car. I am grateful I was able to rent a car (why you have to be 25 in NY to rent a car is dumb, IMO) while it was being repaired. She looks bright & shiny. Plus, it got washed which saved me some more money. I had to pay the deductible, which was $500! YIKES! I wonder if I will get anything back for it from the insurance company. My guess is probably not.

I can't believe how much one accident cost me...ugh! Like I told my mother, it is all a part of growing up and becoming an adult. And it could have been worse.

I cleaned off my desk a lil. My room is entirely in need of a major cleaning, but I always seem to tackle this at night. What is my problem?! Ha. As I was cleaning, I put my undergrad official transcript, which came in today's mail, and my grad transcript together to mail off to the state education department. This is to determine if I am "lacking" any classes for my special education certification. In prayers/hopes I passed my CST from last week, I made a list of all the school districts on Long Island and I am going through whether they take paper applications or use OLAS. OLAS is what NY uses for applying for education jobs. Right now, teaching jobs in New York are EXTREMELY hard to come by. My friend Shannon has been applying for the last three years. It makes it harder to want to apply for a job here when they are closing schools. :( I am so ready to just take a pay cut and move down South. It is what I want to do. I feel part of my soul was born there. I am feeling optimistic and feel that by following my dreams, I will eventually land a job that suits my talents. Hopefully sooner rather than later!

My laundry is calling my name. My mission is to go to bed before midnight tonight. Challenge accepted.

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