Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WILW - Happy February!

Happy Wednesday everyone! And happy February! Who would have thought it would be almost 60 degrees in February?! If this is how the rest of winter will go, I wonder what summer will be like. :)

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I'm loving this weather! Seriously, to only have a little bit of snow this year makes me one happy camper since I HATE winter. I'll take the sunny weather any day. Makes me more excited for summer!

I'm loving that now that it is February, only a little while longer to get my iphone! I am trying not to break the contract and have to spend more $$ to get it earlier. I know I will be addicted to the phone. And I plan on getting the 4, not the 4S because I do not need Siri.

I'm loving how excited the boyfriend was last night at the NJ Devils vs NY Rangers game. It was his birthday/Christmas gift and what a game it was! It went into overtime and then a shootout because the game ended in a 3-3 tie. Guess who won? The NJ Devils so he was super elated. And he learned a lesson...don't make your girlfriend stand outside for 2 hours in the cold because we got there so early. HA!

I'm loving that Carrie Underwood will be releasing her new single "Good Girl" on February 23 and her album is coming out later this spring. I heart her...she, alongside Kelly Clarkson, are my two favorite idols from American Idol.

I'm loving that Army Wives will be back next month! I love that show. Am I the only one?

I'm loving The Hunger Games. I know most people are addicted and cannot put it down, but I like to take my time reading. I do plan to finish it soon so when the movie comes out next month, I am all set to see it! :)

I'm loving the new face stuff I bought from my co-worker Anjelica! She's selling Pink Papaya skin care stuff and while I have only been using it for a few days now, I feel like my skin is a lot smoother thanks to these products:


  1. the Hunger Games, weather, Carrie Underwood... such great loves today!!

  2. I have not heard of Pink Papaya but it sounds wonderful. Might need to try this out!