Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Unlucky Monday the 13th

They usually say Friday the 13th can be an unlucky day. Well, yesterday was quite possibly not one of the best days I have had. I spent two hours of my morning crying. Why was it so bad? Well, I had my first car accident. :(

My oldest brother Scott does not drive so I had to take him to his doctor's appointment. The appointment was fine and we were on our way back from it so I could take him to his job. I've done this drive numerous times before so it was nothing really out of the ordinary. However, on Long Island in New York (for those who are like "Where on Earth is that?!"), everyone likes to drive like a mad man. I'm talking people will drive up your butt to a stop sign, no joke.

I was trying to merge onto the main highway from the service road and went up the ramp. I was probably going like 30, 35 MPH and slowed down to see if I could merge into the right lane. People come flying down the highway because everyone drives like a maniac. When I had slowed down to see if I could merge, no one was coming and so I began to merge. Only, a Ford explorer came FLYING up and smashed right up against the side of my car. My mirror came off, part of my door handle, paint was scraped off. I basically screamed "OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!" I was so freaking freaked out.

I pulled over to the side and the lady gets out and begins HOLLERING at me. She began to tell me how to drive and that it was my fault. I think I was just in shock from it so I just let her yell at me. I couldn't even bear to get out of my car to see the actual damage or what happened to hers because people kept zooming past. She called the cops and they sent a Sheriff to take the accident report. He asked her what happened, asked me what happened and then I guess wrote up his report as we filled out our views of what happened. Granted, he couldnt have said who was at fault (or more at fault) since there were no witnesses to it. And I dont think the damage was that bad to her car considering it's much bigger and I drive a tiny Toyota Corolla. The sheriff told me to wait until she drove away and then to drive away. Well, she of course sped off.

I was just a mess the rest of the morning. Granted, I know it could have been worse. No one was hurt or anything but still, it is unsettling. I called my mom and then called my insurance guy. He said he could totally see how it happened because him & his wife discuss this all the time how everyone just drives up your butt. I apparently was also his 4th claim that morning and it was about 10:15/10:30 when I called him...wow. The insurance company called me around noon to get my statement and I guess they contact the other insurance company. There's a $500 deductible but I don't know how much I'll have to pay (or maybe I'll see if my mom will pay it, haha).

The bright side of things? Since I turned 25 in November, I can now rent a car! Why they make it 25 in NY I don't know (probably because everyone drives like a maniac) but I got my car towed to the collison place my insurance guy has had his fixed at, Enterprise picked me up and got all the paperwork done. Funny thing...I gave the girl my license and a credit card for it...apparently she couldn't read either of them as my name being Kristin and listed it as "Katherine" on my rental papers. HAHA! So until my car is fixed, I will be driving around in a Chevy Impala with NJ plates.

Not how I wanted my Monday or week to start off but I am proud of myself for getting everything done yesterday. This is all just a part of life. Hopefully my car will come back not looking too bad (like I hope the color on the mirror matches the rest of the car!).


  1. OH NO!!!! Accidents suck! I am glad that your OK... Sending you a big hug!

  2. How scary! Glad you are ok :) The rest of your week better treat you nicely!

  3. Ugh! It bugs me a lot when drivers get too close to my bumper, they suck. Good thing nothing happened to you.

  4. hey, thanks for stopping by my blog and following! i think any kind of car accident is enough to shake you up for awhile. i was in one in 2005, and i wasn't crazy about driving for the next couple of weeks. glad you are okay though and hope your week has gotten better!