Monday, February 6, 2012

It's a great day to be a NYer!

Last night/today/tomorrow is a great day to be a NYer! Oh why? Well, the New York Giants won the Super Bowl! I am pretty sure my brother Mark was in all his GLORY that his team won last night. One of his BIL's, John, is a big Giants fan (living in MA, land of the Patriots!) so I am sure he was too.

I was DVRing it mainly so I could watch the commercials and the half time show later but when the boyfriend and I went to dinner at Chilis, the game was on there so we ended up watching the rest of it! It was quite a nail biter! We left Chilis when it was 15 (NYG)-17 (NE Patriots) to go to the movies and I kept refreshing Yahoo on my phone so I could see who won. I was kind of shocked the Giants won since I thought the Patriots would have. Oh well. Poor Tom Brady. But yea NY Giants!

And can we discuss the half time show? Madonna, in all the press conferences leading up to last night's game, made it seem like the whole night was about HER and NOT the teams. She looked like a big tool, in my opinion, in her opening number! I mean, what in the world was she thinking with this freaking outfit. While I did enjoy hearing her old numbers, I thought she did a lot of "let me stick my butt out and shake it" poses. And Nicki Minaj, MIA and Celo? They were alright but apparently MIA flashed the middle finger? I thought it was kind of disappointing....please get someone better and HOTTER next year!

The ads were pretty good this year. I think one of my favorite commercials was the Greek Yogurt one with John Stamos. He is still so hot looking. I mean, just take a look. I think I still have a thing for him from when he was Uncle Jesse on Full House. I was convinced when I was 7, I'd be marrying him, ha!

What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial?!


  1. Does Uncle Jesse ever get old? The commercials were my favorite part lol :)

  2. YAY GIANTS!!! I am still on cloud 9!!!