Sunday, February 5, 2012

Say what?

I am beginning to think that 2am is my new bed time. My body does not seem to want to succumb to slumber until that time. I am pretty sure that almost every day last week I went to bed at 2am. Thankfully, I dont have to be anywhere in the morning early although I was waking up at 9:30.

Tonight was kind of insanity at work. I dont know why. Mainly because it was taking forever. They went to three servers from the morning and had to have two more people jump on the floor because the three servers were getting slammed. We were also on a wait at 5:30 because I had sat a party of 14 that was taking up four of our tables. It was just non-stop. Maybe I made decent money. My mom brought my grandma in for dinner because my grandma wanted to see where my brother and I work. Of course, it's a production with my grandma and they didn't get there til 7 but we snuck her into my brother's section anyways. Let's hope I made money tonight. I picked up a shift for tomorrow (or Sunday AM rather) since they had no host scheduled and said they'd be busy before the game.

My upper body is so sore. I am trying to be good about going to the gym and went on Friday before I had to go to work (well, a few hours before). I did some machines to look out my arms and stuff. Waking up this morning, I was super sore! Hopefully it'll pass tomorrow.

I honestly cannot believe my boyfriend does not want to watch the Superbowl. The only guy I really know that could careless about sports is my brother Brian. He's more into politics! I only watch because I like the half time show. And let's face it, THE PUPPY BOWL IS WAY BETTER! Instead, the boyfriend and I will be going to dinner and the movies to see this tomorrow after I get out of work:

I need to get my hair cut. I wanted to grow it out more but I haven't had it cut since June!! I only usually get my hair cut once or twice a year, which may sound crazy to some people. My hair takes forever to grow out. My hairdresser cuts my hair at her house and doesn't let you tip her. $25 for a wash/cut/blow is pretty good! Sometimes it is hard to get an appointment so I am willing to spend a little more and go to this place my friend Amanda recommended. She says the people there are more younger and will put more style into it. I am thinking possible layers, yet still long enough to pull it back for work.

Now that I am almost done with the second season, I think I am officially addicted to Glee. WHAT took me so long? I never do anything on Tuesday night's (there's nothing ever good on TV anyways) and borrowing Olivia's DVDs made me pretty addicted.

I am so off to curl up in my bed and get some sleep since I have to be up in a few hours to get ready for work. The joys!


  1. Yay glad you are on the Glee bandwagon! Obsessed :) And the Puppy Bowl is where it is at!

  2. Have fun forgoing the Super Bowl & heading to the movies!

  3. Glee is so addicting! my roommate got me into last year!