Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cooking Fail

Let me start off by saying I am not Betty Crocker. I actually hate to cook. If I can marry a man that will cook, I will gladly do all the dishes/cleaning/laundry. I LOVE grocery shopping. Cooking? Too much work.

The semester I lived abroad was a true test since I lived in an apartment and we cooked for ourselves. We did have a weekly "apartment dinner" which was nice. But when I was there, I took my roommate Allie's cookbook which was her sister's from when she was in Italy and copied some recipes. Keep in mind it was a beginner's cookbook. One of the recipes I got was for ranch chicken covered in bread crumbs. Sounds yummy, right?! Well, here's where I failed...

Since my mom had already taken the chicken breasts out to cook but then had two long days at work, she said someone had to cook it because she couldn't refreeze them or throw them away. Well, I said I would do it since she was going to her friend's funeral in Rhode Island. I decided to make the ranch chicken and it called for frying the chicken in oil in a skillet for 12-15 minutes...

In the process of doing it, I had the burner on high because they were thick chicken breasts and it almost started to burn so I lowered it. The bread crumbs were falling off (so almost a waste!) and they were taking so long to cook. So I decided to put them in the oven in bake. After I came up with said brilliant idea, I didn't know at what temperate to put it on or for how long. I did 15 minutes but they were still pink on the inside so I put it in for another 25. If they are not done after that, I am going to be super angry. All the yummy breadcrumbs won't be on there. :( I should've just put it in the stupid oven to begin with and baked it. Then, the bread crumbs would be on there and it'd probably be a lot yummier than it will be now.

I can't even document it with pictures because I am too embarrassed. I thought it was going to be easy but *apparently* I have to learn that not to put it on 375 degrees when its in the oven in a dish because then the bottoms will start to get toasty...maybe 20 mins would've been better than 25. I hope it at least TASTES somewhat good. I cooked it for Scott to eat tomorrow night (and Brian if he so chooses) and Saturday. I plan on eating Sat when I get off of work. I will let y'all know how it tastes. I definitely learned a lesson here. Maybe I should start asking my mom for tips and helping in the kitchen if I plan to live on my own soon!


  1. haha, I hate cooking fails! But you might be surprised by how it taste!

  2. HAHA... I am terrible in the kitchen also... We should start a club.