Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's Okay Thursday!

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It's Okay...

...that I made my point valid to my boyfriend why I was upset with him yesterday.

...that I cannot wait to go get a manicure tomorrow and make them make my nails shorter. I hate when the natural nail starts to be playable and then it makes me wanna play with it under the tip. Annoying! Plus, I cannot wait to chose a fun color! :)

...that my mom still buys me things when she goes out shopping even though I am 25. I'm the only kid she does that for! Spoiled much? :) I really hope the two Lauren Conrad dresses she got me from Kohl's actually fit!

...that I really want to go see The Lion King on Broadway so I can sing "The Circle of Life" aloud. #notashamed. still not have done my taxes...umm, I have no CLUE how to do that! Isn't that why we have accountants? be excited Jennifer Aniston finally got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (I so need to go there and take a picture in front of it!). I can't help it...she's my favorite actress of all-time! want to live vicariously through my cousin as she plans her wedding for next July. Sorry, can't help it but LOVE weddings! want to crack open a BLL at 5pm sometimes because you can't deal with people's stupidity. Sometimes it makes me wonder how these people function in life. be a tad obsessed with ecards on Pinterest. take your best friend to a possible Yankee game trip through your job as opposed to the boyfriend who is a Mets fan. He did sit through one game for me! be ridiculously excited about the cruise I will be on in 81 days. I can't WAIT til it is in the SINGLE digits. want to have this body so I can look smoking in my bikini in the Bahamas:

...that I am more excited about Jodi Picoult's book coming out next week then trying to get into the Hunger Games. I know...SHAME ON ME. I just keep reading it on my Kindle but maybe it's because I am getting distracted where I am reading it. be secretly obsessed with Lifetime's "Dance Moms." As someone who danced for 13 years, I am hooked on the show. And all the drama is CRAZY!

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  1. I love Jodi Picoult! can't wait for her new book!