Saturday, February 11, 2012

"I vow to live in the warmth of your heart..."

I just got back from having a girl date with my BFF Shannon! We went to dinner at Applebees (can't beat an appetizer & 2 entrees for $20!) and then we were going to see "The Vow." Only, it was sold out! So we went to the other theater and I went in to get tickets because the next show was at like 9:35. That one was sold out too so I got tickets to the 10:05 showing. And then we went back to her house and played with her dog, Fiona! Shannon has so many animals at her house and her older sister Meghan brought this cutie pie home last week! OMG I just love puppies! Look at this face:

And I have to say...The Vow = AMAZING!!! Clearly, no love story will ever get me like "The Notebook." But considering this was based on a true story, I was hoping it'd be good. There were parts of the movie were I was legit tearing up and then crying. Plus, you saw Channing Tatum's butt. What's not to love about that? I totally will buy this when it comes out on DVD (which I know is so far off but OMG). And I'm not going to lie....I wouldn't mind waking up to find out Channing Tatum was my husband. I'd marry him any day of the week!

And it is NOT a happy day in the land of cable. The cable company we use requires all tvs to have digital cable boxes as of this past Tuesday. I already had one with a DVR from when we got our high def tv. So I got new boxes for my brothers and my mom's tvs on Wed. None of them would hook up. Four boxes on all the tvs? WTF? So the cable people came today when I was still at work. Apparently, they can't fix the problem and either need to go in the attic (which is PACKED PACKED with stuff because my mom will NEVER throw anything out and it drives me nuts) or drill a hole in the house. I'm thinking my mom is going to have an anxiety attack over the first option so I'm hoping she will go for the second. Not that it concerns me since I have a tv still. But I can't understand how they go from having a signal on Monday to none by Thursday. I feel like there's something fishy. Whatever, Brian will have to explain it to her when she gets home from her trip.

I really hope I am able to breathe more. I felt FINE on Tuesday. I woke up on Wednesday and felt like I was swallowing razor blades. Lovely, right? I had a phlegm-like cough on Thursday, which I had in the for 2-3 weeks in November/December. I wonder where this came from. Factor in that I have had stomach issues this week and didn't eat anything really on Mon & Tues, I have been feeling like poo. I thought I had Mucinex D leftover from last time but I can't find it so I guess I will be making a trip BACK to CVS tomorrow to get it. And might get more of these Hall Vitamin-C Defense Blueberry cough drops! I don't even like blueberries the fruit but these are so good. I am hoping to go to sleep shortly and maybe be able to breathe out of my nose. Because hacking up my lungs is NOT how I want to spend my day tomorrow/night at work.

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  1. I loved the Vow too!!! Ahh i'm gonna see it again :) -Melissa