Saturday, February 4, 2012

SUYL - Singles

I love that this one blog I read, Kelly's Korner, does link ups every Friday called "Show Us Your Life." This week, it is SINGLES! Now, while I am not single, she has done this numerous times before. There are four couples that have gotten engaged or are married from it and there are five other couples who are seriously dating. So, who says meeting someone on line can't work?!

Therefore, I'm linking up (a lil tardy). Meet my awesome best friend, April! She is a ball of zest and I know the right guy is out there for her. As her best friend, I want nothing but the best for her!

Here's APRIL!

We have been best friends since 7th grade.
She's 24, turning 25 in a little over a month!
She went to Columbia University for graduate school.

(Covering NYE 2010 in Times Square)

She's a journalist for a Japanese newspaper in NYC.
She went to China for two weeks while an undergraduate student for a journalism program.
She's an only child.
While she is short (I always tease her for it), she does not let it get to her!

Her favorite sports team is the New York Yankees and has had a thing for Derek Jeter since she was a teenager.

She's a big Beatles fanatic...she can name every song of their's that was ever written! She shares this passion with her dad.

She loves animals. She has golden retriever named Sandie who we affectionately called "Cujo."

No matter what, April is the type of person who is always there for her friends. Despite her busy job, she tries to remain in contact whether it is via text, Facebook message, or calling for a quick chat.

She's a big Disney fanatic! I always think there's a child at heart in her.

What type of man do I think is a good match for her? I think someone who shares a love for traveling, a passion for news (even better if they're a journalist!), loves animals, enjoys spending time with friends, who can stay in and watch movies but likes to go out on the town.She has a gentle spirit and a zest for life. It would thrill me to no end to see her with someone who knows how to put a smile on her face and makes her feel like a queen.

Please leave a comment if you know someone who would be a good match for my best friend!

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