Monday, February 20, 2012

I spend way too much time on Pinterest

The title of this blog post says it all. I spend way too much time on Pinterest. I swear, once you are on it, it SUCKS YOU IN! That is what Facebook first felt like when I first got it, back in the beginning of college.

I love finding cute style options/techniques, recipes, or just funny pins. Here are some of my favorites as of lately:

Oh my word this is so true!

Totally true about me!

There are so many things I have pinned...hoping I'll be able to cook! Ha!


This show also frightens me too!

HAHA I sent this to my friend Amanda and it made her laugh.

Totally true!
My kind of thinking!

I still do not have my car back from the car accident last week. I haven't even heard from the guy at the collison shop. So I am hoping to have it back this week. I am glad to have a rental car although I am sure I will cringe when I open that credit card bill since I stupidly have $11 insurance a day on it too! Oh well. I also have not heard from the other insurance company of the other car. My insurance company said that if needbe, they'd contact me but I guess they don't need to! I do miss Cora, my corolla. She's gotta last me until I get an actual job and can buy my first real car myself. I do consider myself lucky...out of all my siblings that drive, I am the one that got the newest car as their first car (I got a 2004 Corolla in 2006 when I got my license). And that's only because my brother Brian totaled the one I was suppose to get!

I am still looking into the Cancun trip that my BFF April & I plan on taking in the later half of 2012. She will be at her job in July for one year and after that, she can take vacation. I am trying to figure out when the best time to go is. We're looking to do an all inclusive package for like 5 days, 4 nights or something. Some of the resorts I have been looking at on have swim up bars. What is not to love about that?! Has anyone been to Cancun? Can you give me some tips?!

It'd be really nice if I still did not have the "sniffles." It is quite annoying but at least the choking cough I had is gone. Considering I haven't been to the gym in two weeks, I *NEED* to go tomorrow. As much as the thought of getting out of my warm, cozy bed early disturbs me, I need to do it. Hence, I sit here and update my iPod with some fab tunes to jam to on the treadmill.

I must becoming really picky in my taste/choice of clothes lately because today, I was browsing the mall before work. I had to return a jacket I got my mom for Christmas from NY&Co that didn't fit and was so early, I decided to browse the stores. I'm not sure if I was overwhelmed that it was packed since everyone had off today thanks to Mr.Washington, Mr.Jefferson, Mr.Lincoln, etc and schools up here are on mid-winter break. But I really was just iffy. Or maybe just browsing. However, I did get myself some new undies from VS because they are just soooooo comfortable and a new hunter green zip up sweatshirt from there. I know, how many can you have? But seriously, they are so comfy! Plus, it is time to go through my closet again. Maybe when my mom goes away so she doesn't try to keep stuff I want to get rid of!