Sunday, February 19, 2012


So yesterday, I took my CST test. It was kind of nice having it at 1pm rather than driving the 45 minutes at 6:45am to go take it at 7am. My friend Bethany took it again in the morning and she called to tell me what the writing & speaking situations were. Even though I knew them, when I went to do my speaking I think I got more nervous because there were two people staring at me as I did it as opposed to one! Talk about nerve wracking! One of them was learning how to be a proctor and it would be my luck that I got stuck in that room. Oh well. I stumbled on the conjugations of some of my verbs but I am just hoping for the best. I find out my scores on March 19th and I am just SO READY to be done. *IF* for some reason I do not pass, I will have a nervous breakdown and scream and retake it in April or June or whenever it is. I am just not that great of as test taker! So say a prayer I passed! I missed it by four points last time. I dont care if I get a 221...I just need at least a 220 to pass!

In exciting news, my cousin Lisa got engaged this past week! She is my only girl cousin on my father's side of the family and I am one of her two girl cousins (the other is like 13). I have not met her fiance Bryce yet but they will be coming up to New York in March so I am excited to meet him! And see her, because I can't remember the last time I saw her! Apparently, she was going to officially ask me then but I jumped the gun, ha ha! I love weddings and can't wait! She doesn't read my blog (that I know of) but this I stole from her facebook. This is them around Thanksgiving:

Now that the test is "over" maybe I can finally start cleaning up my room, ha! I always seem to start it and then get distracted. Or have to go to work. Oops.

When I was in Target yesterday shopping for a baby shower gift for my cousin's baby shower today, I was just in love with all the little baby clothes. I love babies! Part of what I loved when I was babysitting my nieces & nephew when they were little was playing dress up with them. I can't wait to do that to my own children. They'll be my own little dolls. I apologize now to my future kids, ha!

I never really read fashion magazines but I had to buy this yesterday when in Target because it had Jennifer Aniston on the cover. She's my #1 favorite celebrity and with her new movie out in a few days, I couldn't wait to read it! It's a mega issue but maybe it'll give me some hints to what I want to buy for the cruise:

And not for nothing, I wouldn't mind looking like this when I am her age:

And because I like to end things with a laugh, this made me roar:


  1. I love that last ecard! SO funny.
    congratulations to your cousin!
    and saying prayers for you that you passed!! :)

  2. I always think that about Ms.Aniston, she looks so cute always!

  3. I would love to look like Jen when I am that old :) And that ecard... too true haha :)

  4. Isn't Jennifer the sweetest? I would love to look like her! :)
    Congrats to your cousin!