Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WILW! :)

Happy Wednesday y'all! I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day yesterday. :) Time for one of my favorite link ups of the week.

Head on over to Jamie's blog to share what you're loving this week!

I'm loving that my boyfriend gave me an external hard drive for Valentine's Day. Ha, how romantic! But he said he didn't know what to get me and it was something I was planning on getting anyways. :O)

I'm loving that my brother Brian left me the sweetest Valentine's Day card. He did it last year and I didn't expect it! It's nice to know my brother has faith in me achieving my dreams. :)

I'm loving that I discovered they make these yesterday and now want to go back and get a package. They look so yummy!!

I'm loving that this time in 3 months I will be on my way to cruising to the Bahamas! Can't wait to get aboard this:

I'm loving that Army Wives is back on March 4th! Anyone else a fan of this show?

I'm loving that I get to see April on Saturday night!

I'm loving that my dog has started this cute thing where she opens my door as far as she can, whines until I wake up, to let her in and sleep the rest of the morning in my room. She's a cutie!

I'm loving that February is half-way over and we are getting CLOSER to summer! There has BARELY been any snow this winter which makes for one happy camper in me! :)