Sunday, October 2, 2011


Who remembers this fabulous video of Kelly with the "Shoes" song? Totally brings me back to my sophomore year of college when that is all we said to each other. My friend Olivia even went as her for Halloween that year!
HAHA! I love it!

Well, needless to say....I HATE SHOPPING FOR SHOES!! I find it to be the worst part of shopping. I prefer simplicity when it comes to shoes. You know how some girls gravitate towards the shoe department? My mind gravitates towards the purses or anything else. I am on a MISSION to find shoes for a dress I am wearing to my friend Ashley's wedding in November. She is getting married the day after Thanksgiving and I know what dress I am going to wear:

It is from White House Black Market and I got it last summer to wear to a gala in the Hamptons. It was expensive so of course I want to get as much use out of it as possible!! I think I want to wear red shoes because I always wear the BORING standard black. I thought red might make the color pop more. Problem? I don't really like high heels....not if I wanna be dancing my booty off for the night.

So today, I started browsing Macy's website. There are so many options. I hope it does not take me forever and a day to find a pair. I hate shoe shopping so much I've already told my friends they might end up seeing me wear white flipflops under my wedding dress when I get married. HAHA!

So tell me: where are your favorite places to shop for shoes? At a reasonable price?!

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  1. I also hate shopping for shoes! I would much rather look at cute purses or cute outfits...I think I hate shoe shopping b/c I can never seem to find any that work