Thursday, October 13, 2011

{Extreme Couponing}

If you're like me and you like reality TV as mindless television, well awesome! This is one of my favorite shows. I love a good bargain. Probably because I was raised by a good bargain lady herself. My mom is one of my role models (although she probably forgets/doesn't know) because of her ability to rasie 5 kids (one of with a disability) all by herself (not her dad died before I was born) in a good school-district town. She is the HARDEST person to get her to buy something for herself. If she does, 95% of the time she ends up returning it. It's like you have to convince her to keep it. And she did use coupons when we were growing up/used any money saving tactic for a family of 6 on one income.

Because of her awesome saving skills have transpired over to my brain, she consistently jokes "you'll be able to buy a house before you get a man!"....Gee, thanks ma! But no, I kid. I like to get things on sale. My mind is almost trained when I go into a store to go from clearance items, to sale items, to full priced. I once got a zip up hooded sweatshirt in Aeropastle originally priced at $40 for $2.99!! I do like to clip coupons for me for makeup or other items...and for my mom when I go grocery shopping for her.

But Extreme Couponing....that show brings it to a WHOLE new level. Some of the stores these people shop at, we don't have in New York. Also, after the first time I watched this show I looked up the coupon policy at the two stores my mom and I do the most shopping at (Stop & Shop and Pathmark). They only allow ONE manufacturer coupon per item.

So when you look at these people on Extreme Couponing, it makes me laugh. Yes, you are providing for your family. But do you really need to buy 300 bottles of soda?! That WILL expire. Or allergy medicine?! How can you possibly use all of that before the expiration date?! I can't even finish one pack of Claritin and there are still four other people in my house. I mean, there was one lady on an episode last night (she was from CT) who called her insurance agent for a quote for insurance on her stockpile (and she said she was not kidding)...ARE YOU FOR REAL?! That is a whole new level. Don't get me wrong. I'm ALL for a bargain and saving money. It's a fun game to play at the grocery store. But some of these people are in the store for almost 9 hours. Or buy 200 newspapers a week to get coupon inserts. That's ridiculous! If you want to dedicate 35 hours a week to that, the more power to you. I think there is the possibility to coupon, just not to that insane extent!

I would like to figure out some sights online to get coupons from to try to do this more. Don't get me wrong..there is NOTHING wrong with coupons. I just dont think I will EVER do it to the extent on the show because I wouldnt want all that stuff.

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