Sunday, October 2, 2011


I really need some motivation. Like for real. Did I do anything productive today? Unless you count shopping with my lovely mother at Costco and taking a two hour nap....then no. Oh how I miss those days from college...which was pretty much every day of my four years at New Paltz. =)

i really want to start working out again. I did zumba classes a few times over the summer and it was great...despite the early morning wake ups followed by sitting in class for three hours. It just gave me more energy! I did work out at my uncle's gym when I was taking a class at a college near his gym four years ago (wow!). If it wasn't a 40 minute drive (20 mins there/20 back without traffic), I would totally go for it considering I would get a free membership.

And last year I had been at the gym that's 5 minutes from my house but after I hurt my back at work, I eventually stopped going. My brother went to that gym. Then, some time ago, they opened an "LA Fitness" near us (maybe like 5-10 mins from the gym that was 5 minutes from my house). Brian (my brother...well one of them) goes there now and even has a personal trainer. I just need motivation. I went to their website and right now there's a $0 initiation fee and $9.95 per week. So I just went to the website to play around with the one my brother goes to and its $25.90 for two weeks (essentially $12.95 a week). So roughly $50 a month. Is it worth $50 a month? The winter is coming and I do not like running outside. Actually, I cannot run outside because I feel (get ready for a lame excuse) ....I look stupid. HA! I was NOT a track star in school among any means so I'm not one of those hard core runners. I actually always felt better after working out at the gym. I would eventually like to run in a half marathon or something in a few years (maybe this can be my goal once I turn 25 in a few weeks to accomplish in a few years) but I do need to start at someplace. I read Christine's blog These Happy Miles, which I stumbled upon a few months back. She's running in the Chicago Marathon next weekend (you go girl!) and her posts make me want to put on some shoes and get my butt in gear.

So how can I get myself motivated?! (I would eventually like to drop back down to the size 8 jeans I once wore a few years ago....if that is AT ALL possible). Of course, I look at pictures on Pinterest (aka let's make Kristin procrastinate more in life!):

I would loveeeeeeee to have a stomach like this!

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  1. if you can find any motivation PLEASE send it my way lol. I need some as well!